In Meet Your Maker, players begin their journey with a basic loadout, including one ranged weapon, one melee weapon, and one suit. However, the game offers a variety of additional weapons and suits to enhance gameplay. This guide will provide insights on how to unlock new weapons and suits in Meet Your Maker, expanding your arsenal and improving your in-game experience.

To start unlocking new weapons, complete the Meet Your Maker tutorial, which will introduce you to the game’s basics. After finishing the tutorial, you will gain access to the Advisors, a group of characters found to the right of the Command Center. Among them are Chrona, the Weapons Advisor, and Prosarmogi, the Suits Advisor.

Interact with Chrona and Prosarmogi to explore the additional weapons and suits they offer. Chrona can help you unlock the Arc Barrier defensive weapon, the Falconic Plasmabow ranged weapon and the Sledgeblade melee weapon. Prosarmogi, on the other hand, offers a suit focused on melee and speed.

Unlocking these weapon upgrades and gear pieces requires the in-game currencies, Cells, and Parts. Cells are earned when you evolve your Chimera or increase your Tribute Level, while Parts can be obtained from destroying traps, defeating guards during raids, and claiming them from Outposts you’ve built. The acquisition of Cells is tied to GenMat, which you can collect by raiding and building levels in the game.

To temporarily boost the drop rate of Parts, activate the Weapon Advisor’s Boost feature. This requires spending Cells and Synthite and can be accessed through the Boost tab when interacting with Chrona.

Although there isn’t a direct Boost for increasing Cell rewards, the Hardware Advisor’s Boost can enhance GenMat acquisition, subsequently speeding up the rate at which you obtain Cells.

How To Upgrade Your Weapons In Meet Your Maker

In Meet Your Maker, upgrading your weapons is essential for tackling more challenging outposts and enhancing your overall gameplay experience. To do so, you’ll need to interact with Chrona, the Weapons Advisor. Follow these simple steps to upgrade your weapons effectively:

  1. Speak to Chrona: As the advisor in charge of weapon upgrades, Chrona is your go-to character for purchasing new weapons and upgrading the ones you already possess. Make sure to visit her whenever you have ample Cells and Parts to invest in your arsenal.
  2. Allocate resources: Upgrading your weapons requires spending the in-game currencies, Cells, and Parts. These resources can be collected through various activities, such as evolving your Chimera, increasing your Tribute Level, and participating in raids.
  3. Choose the right upgrades: Select the weapon upgrades that best suit your playstyle and the challenges you’ll face in the game. Upgraded weapons will significantly improve your performance, especially when raiding more dangerous outposts.

That’s everything you need to know on how to unlock and upgrade weapons in Meet Your Maker. We also have guides on base building and how to play with friends. If you have anything to add, let us know in the comments below.

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