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How To Unlock Ancient Technology In Palworld And Best Ancient Tech


Ancient Technology in Palworld is advanced tech that allows you to craft rare items including weapons, pods, and egg incubators. To unlock ancient tech in the game you need to not only reach a certain level but also have the right crafting materials at your disposal. Ancient technology is available under the Technology tab in the menu.

How To Unlock Ancient Technology

To unlock Ancient Technology in Palworld, players need to earn Ancient Technology Points. Unlike regular Technology Points, these are obtained by challenging and defeating powerful boss Pals. Each victory in these formidable battles contributes points, which are crucial for unlocking various Ancient Technologies. Once accumulated, players can navigate to the Technology tab in the game’s menu to unlock item and building recipes, each offering unique benefits and gameplay improvements.

How To Earn Ancient Technology Points In Palworld

  1. Defeating Bosses: The primary way to earn Ancient Technology Points is by defeating bosses. This includes various types of bosses such as Syndicate Tower bosses, Alpha Pal bosses, and Dungeon bosses​​​​​​.
    • First-Time Victory: It’s important to note that you only receive Ancient Technology Points the first time you defeat a boss. Repeating the same boss fight won’t yield additional points​​.
    • Strategy for Early Game: Early in the game, taking down a boss can be challenging. For example, defeating a level 11 Chillet boss is a good early target to obtain an Ancient Technology Point. This fight is relatively easier and can be undertaken with one or two Pals​​.

Using Ancient Technology Points

  1. Crafting Special Items: Once you have these points, you can use them to unlock and craft various high-value items in the game. Some of these items include:
    • Egg Incubator
    • Statue of Power
    • Grappling Gun
    • Various types of Feed Bags
    • Different Sphere Launchers
    • Lily’s Spear
    • Decal Gun Set
    • Various Grappling Guns​​​​.

Best Ancient Technology

Among the plethora of options, certain Ancient Technologies stand out for their utility, especially for new players:

  • Small Feed Bag: This item is invaluable for keeping both you and your Pals well-fed. It simplifies the management of food resources, which is crucial in the early stages of the game. Upgrading your Feed Bag as you progress, particularly if you’re into extensive exploration, is highly recommended.
  • Pal Distillation Pod: This technology elevates your gameplay by allowing you to combine the same species of Pals to create superior versions. It’s particularly beneficial for players who are active in catching numerous Pals, as it helps in enhancing your Pal’s abilities and attributes.
  • Grappling Gun: Boosts mobility, allows the player to traverse the map faster vertically.

Full List Of Ancient Technology And Required Materials

8Statue of Power1100 Stone, 20 Paldium Fragments
10Grappling Gun110 Paldium Fragments, 30 Ingots, 30 Fiber
12Small Feed Bag15 Wood, 10 Fiber, 3 Leather
14Pal Distillation Pod220 Paldium Fragments, 50 Ingots
17Mega Grappling Gun2Grappling Gun, 20 Paldium Fragments, 50 Ingots, 50 Fiber
20Average Feed Bag2Small Feed Bag, 10 Wood, 30 Fiber, 10 Leather
22Hip Lantern220 Ingots, 10 Wood, 10 Flame Organs
26Large Feed Bag3Average Feed Bag, 20 Wood, 50 Fiber, 20 Leather, 20 Carbon Fiber
29Single-shot Sphere Launcher4Weapon Line Factory, 50 Refined Ingots, 15 Polymer, 50 Paldium Fragments, 30 Carbon Fiber
32Giga Grappling Gun3Mega Grappling Gun, 30 Paldium Fragments, 30 Refined Ingots, 30 Carbon Fiber, 20 Polymer
35Huge Feed Bag4Large Feed Bag, 30 Wood, 90 Fiber, 35 Leather, 35 Carbon Fiber
38Scatter Sphere Launcher5Weapon Workbench, 50 Ingots, 100 Stone, 50 Paldium Fragments
40Lily’s Spear320 Paldium Fragments, 30 Refined Ingots, 20 High-Quality Cloth, 50 Wood
42Decal Gun Set130 Ingots, 10 Polymer, 15 Paldium Fragments
45Giant Feed Bag4Huge Feed Bag, 50 Wood, 200 Fiber, 50 Leather, 50 Carbon Fiber
47Hyper Grappling Gun4Giga Grappling Gun, 40 Paldium Fragments, 50 Refined Ingots, 50 Carbon Fiber, 50 Polymer
50Homing Sphere Launcher5Weapon Factory III, 100 Pal Metal Ingots, 50 Polymer, 200 Paldium Fragments, 50 Carbon Fiber

That’s everything you need to know on how to unlock ancient technology in Palword. Want to learn about other aspects of the game? Visit our guide on getting Fiber and Wool, and best custom world settings for Palworld.

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