When playing Marvel’s Midnight Suns, there are moments when it can be far more enjoyable to utilize your powers to open doors and explore further. Why not use the corresponding commands to access new parts of the game? Four essential commands known as Words of Power have the potential to unlock your world; Open, Revel, Purify and Break. Each Word has a unique purpose bestowing specific capabilities. . By having all of them, nothing can stop you from exploration. Since the Word of Power is a powerful and functional ability, you want to get it quickly.

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All Words of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

Discover the powerful words listed below to get started on your journey!

  • Open
  • Revel
  • Purify
  • Break


As you journey through Agatha’s quest, an epic obstacle confronts your path – the dreaded Blood Gate. Traversed successfully will grant you access to procure the coveted Moon Seal. After unearthing the Moon Seal, you must position it over the column to initiate the impending battle. But fear not, for the battle against the demon dogs will be a piece of cake – all it takes is one successful strike, and you’ll prevail! When victorious, you shall receive the Word of Power: Open.

Use: Open up the door to a world of possibilities with Open. Explore places you never thought possible!


Once you have acquired the second Moon Seal by discovering the elemental rods, this seal can open up a portal known as the Blood Door that is situated next to Standing Stones. However, the difficulty of this quest is immense as you must confront and triumph against 16x Lilin. To boost your odds of victory, level up more than eight times before going into battle. When the battle begins, you must transform into a Terminator and use your knockback moves to remain alive throughout all four turns while taking out 16 enemies. By utilizing Fortify, you can ensure your safety in the fight. Furthermore, should you emerge victorious, the Word of Power: Reveal will be yours!

Use: Use Reveal to repair broken bridges, even those arcane keys that were once concealed. Just stand on the eye icon, and they will now become highlighted!


To acquire the third Word of Power, “Purify,” you must collaborate closely with Doctor Strange during your confrontation with Venom. You can access a new Blood Gate with the Moon Seal. Also, you can assist Agatha with locating Witch Covens and Stained Soil. To locate the mysterious gate, make your way to Edler Hyppus Shrine, north of the map near Agatha’s cottage on the east side.

Before you begin your adventure, remember to upgrade the level of Charlie, your pet. Additionally, make sure you use Howl cards, as they not only indicate hostile entities but also provide a refund on card plays. To beat your odds in the battle, you must ensure that your level is greater than 12. Like Word of Power: Reveal, if you want to win with Word of Power: Purify, you need to take down at least 16x Lilin and remain alive for four turns.

When you set off on your mission, keep your eyes on the minions of Dark Legion. The reason for this is simple: if they are not eliminated quickly and efficiently, each attack will spawn multiple copies of their allies, a terrifying prospect indeed. To prevent this from occurring, deal with the dogs quickly. Single-target attacks or area-of-effect moves are your best options for taking them out. However, remember that guardians will also be present and must be dealt with accordingly.

Furthermore, no reinforcements will arrive within three turns due to the splitting formations; use this to your advantage! Finally, don’t waste any cards on eliminating dogs – save those for dispatching the guardians instead. Once you triumph in battle, you will remain with the Mood Seal atop its plinth, unlocking a powerful Word of Power: Purify.

Use: The Purify can help you navigate challenging pathways, clearing away any green vines obstructing your journey and allowing you to explore more.


For the final Word of Power: Break, you need to get all three Moon Seal shards:

  1. First Shard: Head west to Everflowing Glade and find the first shard just above the cliffs when you arrive.
  2. Second Shard: Head north to Garden of Envy and find the second shard near the cliff edge when you arrive.
  3. Third Shard: Head north to Garden of Envy and find the third shard in the cliffside’s lodge when you arrive.

Upon collecting all three shards, return to Agatha and make your way to her cottage. Once there, remember to retrieve the flower! If you’re having a hard time locating Agatha, search no more—she’s in Lillith’s Garden, situated to the west of the famed Garden of Envy. Once you’ve completed your tasks, head to the library, where she will create the ultimate Moon Seal.

Moreover, you will come across the final Blood Gate at Lilith’s Garden to the north. As this is your concluding battle, it requires extra effort and dedication to be successful, as it is much more complex than many of your other encounters along this journey. To succeed in this challenge, you must take down 16x Lilin and survive all four turns – just like any other obstacle you may encounter.

In this decisive fight, a never before seen enemy known as the Revenant will be spawned. Be sure to eliminate all those bound by its soul in one move and don’t take any risks; otherwise, they’ll regain their health, and your efforts would have been in vain up to that point. After you’ve defeated your enemy, place the Moon Seal on the column to unlock the Word of Power: “Break.” Doing so will give you access to a new realm.

Use: Break to break your barriers, debris, and giant statutes. This will uncover fresh routes as well as Arcane Chests.

That’s all, folks! Congratulations on reaching the end of your journey and successfully unlocking all four Words of Power. If you need more help with the game, here are some suggestions:

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