There are 11 hidden achievements in Stray, each of which is unlocked by completing specific tasks or objectives. Unfortunately, most of these are missable, so it’s essential to be aware of them before starting your playthrough. Here’s a complete guide to unlocking all hidden achievements in Strayed.

All Hidden Achievements in Stray

I Remember

To earn the “I Remember” Achievement, gather B-12 memories. Because this gold-level achievement requires you to demonstrate everything you have, keeping track of your progress is essential. You’ll need 3x energy drinks for B-12 memories for the music sheet.


If you can open the city after chapter 12, the “Eye-Opener,” a gold-tier achievement, will automatically open for you.


The “Catwalk” is a chapter 10 silver-tier achievement that requires you to reach Midtown and enter marker street.

Cat Got Your Tongue

While playing chapter 4 of Stray, you will unlock the “Cat Got Your Tongue.” All you need to do is speak to the robot, stating, “Have B-12 translate a robot”.

Not Alone

“Not Alone” is a silver-tier achievement you will unlock after meeting the “B-12 robot”. To progress in Chapter 3, you need to complete this achievement.

Missed Jump

“Missed Jump” is just a piece of cake for you because all you need to enter “Fall Inside The City.” Once you enter the city, this silver tier achievement will be unlocked for you.


The “Al-Cat-Raz” is a silver achievement that must be completed at the start of chapter 2. Therefore, this award will not be difficult for you.


To obtain the “Scratch, “bronze-tier achievement, you must go to a club and play the recorder. After entering the club, pick the record to put inside the record, and then hold down the button, so your achievement is unlocked.

Can’t Cat-Ch Me

For the “Can’t Cat-Ch Me gold tier achievement, you need to keep yourself safe from the bugs in chapter 2. By chance, if the bugs will catch you, boom, your chance is over; restart from the checkpoint.


In chapter 8, you will unlock the “Pacifist,” a gold-tier achievement. This is an achievement of patience because you won’t have killed the bugs. Normally the mistake that players make kills the bugs with a flashlight. So passing through the area without killing will unlock the “Pacifist” achievement.


In chapter 10, you’ll get the “Sneakitty” silver tier achievement if you finish the level. This achievement requires you to elude 15 sentinels (flying drones) before revealing your inner ninja. In other words, you must hide your identity from the sentinels, so be careful about it. If the sentinels detect you, their light will be turned into yellow or red.

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking all hidden achievements. Need more help? See Memory Locations, Plant Locations, Energy Drinks Locations.

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