In V Rising, you have the unique ability to change into different forms, each with its benefits. We will discuss all forms, and each one comes with specific buffs that can help improve your character. To unlock all forums, you’ll need to complete certain tasks and achieve specific goals. However, once you have all of the forms unlocked, you’ll be able to use them at any time, giving you a significant advantage in battle.

V Rising Form Abilities

  • Wolf Form
  • Bat Form
  • Bear’s Form
  • Rat Form
  • Toad Form
  • Human Form

Wolf Form

The Wolf Transformation is one of the most powerful abilities in the game. You unlock this transformation by extracting the V Blood from the 16-level boss Alpha Wolf. This allows you to take on the form of a wolf, which gives you 45% increased speed, strength, and agility. You also gain the ability to see in the dark and track your enemies. In addition, with transformation, lower-level wolves won’t attack you.

Bat Form

You’ll find him in the Cursed region if you are ready to take down Nightmarshal Styx. A tough battle awaits you as he is a level 76 boss, but defeating him is key to unlocking the Bat form ability.

The Bat form provides excellent mobility and access. In this form, you will be able to fly high in the air and go through impassable terrain. However, it would help if you were careful of the sunlight as you can’t get to the shade while flying.

Bear’s Form

To obtain the Bear Form ability in the game, you will need to defeat a level 36 boss known as the Ferocious Bear. Once you have acquired the Rat Form, you will need to upgrade your gear level to be able to put up a fight against this boss. Therefore, you should reach at least level 35 before battling the Ferocious Bear. To find this boss, you will need to access the Blood Altar and track the boss’s blood until you reach the Bear Cave location.

After defeating the boss, you will need to feed on his blood to obtain the Bear Form ability. The Bear Form improves 25% resistance, 15% movement speed, and 25% reduces damage.

Rat Form

To obtain the Rat form in the game, you must first defeat a boss named Putrid Rat. However, you cannot find this boss using the blood altar. To locate Putrid Rat, you must craft the item called Putrid Rat in Vermin Nest.

Vermin Nest is a location that can be built in your Castle. To craft Putrid Rat, you will need the following resources: Twilight Snapper x1, Grave Dust x8, and Fish Bone x4. After you have gathered these items, use them to craft Putrid Rat. Once you have done so, you will be able to track the blood of the Putrid Rat boss. Now, you can defeat this boss and feed on its blood to obtain the required transformation.

The Rat form is one of the most useful transformations in the game. When you transform into a rat, you become nearly invisible to enemies. You can use this to your advantage by sneaking past them or avoiding combat altogether. However, if you take any damage in this form, you will lose the transformation.

Toad Form

The Toad Form ability is a powerful move that allows you to clear high obstacles. You can obtain this ability by defeating the level 62 boss Duke of Balaton. The boss is located in the Swamp of Greed, in the swamp area of the map. Once you have reached the appropriate gear level, you can track the boss’s blood using the Blood Altar.

After defeating the boss, you must feed on its blood to gain the Toad Form ability. This ability will let you jump extremely high in the air. Consequently, you will be able to clear high fences and other previously impassable obstacles. Be careful, though, as taking any damage will break the effect of Toad Form.

Human Form

The Human form is one of the most versatile forms in V Rising. It allows you to blend in with human society, but it also provides several benefits that other forms lack. However, to get this ability, you need to track down and defeat Beatrice the Tailor, a powerful boss who can provide a significant boost to your blood consumption rate.

You can also go to human settlements without being detected and interact with human traders to purchase valuable items in human form. However, it is essential to note that the Human form has a much higher blood consumption rate than other forms, so you need to be careful not to overexert yourself. But if used judiciously, the Human form can be a powerful asset in your quest to become the ultimate vampire.

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