How to Unlock All Characters in Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood all characters unlock

Back 4 Blood features 8 characters in total with each individual character having a set of unique abilities. Half of the roster is unlocked by default but the other four must be unlocked by the player. In this guide, we will share all the details you need to know on how to unlock all characters in Back 4 Blood.

Unlocking All Characters in Back 4 Blood

To unlock characters, you should primarily progress through the game. As you progress, you will come across a cards system. These can be used on the characters in the game to boost their abilities or give them a buff.

In Back 4 Blood, you will need to progress through and complete Act 1’s first four chapters. Each chapter contains a set of different missions. The following are the first four chapters in Back 4 Blood that you will need to complete to unlock the characters:

  • Chapter 1: The Devil’s Return
  • Chapter 2: Search & Rescue
  • Chapter 3: The Dark Before the Dawn
  • Chapter 4: Blue Dog Hollow

Each of the above chapter has its own line of missions, and you will need to complete those missions to progress through these chapters and the acts.

So, after you have completed all four chapters, you will see a cutscene. This cutscene showcases all the characters that were previously unavailable to play. This is an indication that you have unlocked all the remaining characters, and you can now play as these avatars in Back 4 Blood.

All in all, this was the whole process of unlocking characters in Back 4 Blood. Need more help? See How to Heal, Errors and Fixes, How to Unlock Cleaners.

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