The Telemetry HUD in Forza Horizon 5 has all the details about your car such as power, torque, boost, RPM and E-Brake, clutch, and gear. The Telemetry HUD offers a lot of details that you can see to gain more knowledge about your car. It also shows details when you switch to Suspension or Friction from General. So, if you are looking to turn on Telemetry, this is a simple guide for you.

Forza Horizon 5: How to Turn on Telemetry

So, to turn on Telemetry, you need to go into the “Settings”. When you are in Settings, you need to go to the “Advanced Controls”. In this section, look for the option “Switch Anna/Telemetry/TTS” and just change it to Telemetry.

This will display the Telemetry HUD on your screen with all the car details showing in front of you. You can use the “T” key on the PC to display/hide the Telemetry HUD. On consoles, you can press the D-pad to do so.

You can change the settings to turn on the toggle to display the Telemetry HUD or keep it on while playing so that you don’t have to bother pressing any button and it is displayed by default.

This is all that we have got on how to turn on Telemetry and what does it do in Forza Horizon 5. Need more help? See How to Get Inducted in Hall of Fame, How to Unlock Wheelspins.

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