Moving Out is a game that requires players to move house-hold items and sometimes throw them and our guide will help you with how to throw items.

How To Throw Items

Knowing how to throw items in Moving Out is very important as players need to put the items in the moving truck.

It can get tricky to place smaller items in the truck if the larger items like beds and couches take a lot of space. Players can work around that by throwing items on top of each other to create a stack.

First, players need to pick up the items by pressing and holding the left or right trigger. If you are playing on PlayStation 4 then press the Square button, for Xbox press the X button and press Y for Nintendo Switch to aim the item where you want to throw it.

Once players are aiming in the right direction, they just need to let go of the buttons and the in-game character will throw the item.

However, if you are playing alone then you can only throw smaller items. To throw larger items, players will have to play in co-op where both players will pitch up the items and will throw them together.

That is how you throw items in Moving Out. For more in the game also see our How To Move Heavy Items.

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