If there is anything I have learnt in my time with Dave the Diver is that the ocean is full of mysteries and there is never a dull moment at Bancho’s Sushi place. This is why having a camera by your side to capture perfect pictures is never a bad idea. To start taking pictures in Dave the Diver, there are a few things that you will need to do first – other than finding the perfect moments.


The game offers a range of activities, from running a sushi restaurant to deep-sea diving, racing seahorses, and even taking photos of marine creatures. In this guide, we will explore how to take pictures of Manta Rays and Pink Dolphins in Dave the Diver, along with tips on using the camera and taking great shots.

How to Use the Camera in Dave the Diver

To use a camera you first need to get the camera.

To get the camera, you need to complete the main mission called “Where the Currents Flow?” This mission involves building a drone. Once you finish the mission, Dr. Bacon will give you the camera the following morning and you will go through a tutorial on how to use it.

When you’re swimming underwater, keep an eye out for the camera icon. This icon lets you know that you can take pictures. Position yourself over the icon and press the spacebar to start a mini-game. To take a photo in Dave the Diver, first, check the requirements, which include a basic level and a bonus level based on an action in the shot. Then, use the camera lens to locate the subject of your picture. Hold down the spacebar to get ready for the shot. When the lens turns green, it means the shot is in focus. Let go of the spacebar to take the picture. Remember to frame the entire subject within the shot and try to capture any additional bonus actions.

How to Take a Picture of a Manta Ray in Dave the Diver

In Dave the Diver, one of the missions requires you to take a picture of a Manta Ray. To complete this mission, you should progress through the story and help Udo take pictures of sea creatures. Eventually, you will reach a mission where Udo asks you to capture a photo of a Manta Ray, and he has set up lightning fixtures for this purpose.

This mission must be carried out at night, and you should move to the right side of the map while maintaining a depth of 20 meters. At a certain point, you will come across an improvised scene that Udo created. Unfortunately, the scene will be unusable because of damaged lights and generator.

To take a picture of Manta Ray in Dave the Diver you need to fix the fallen lights and connecting the generator and lighting fixtures.

The next step is to put up the bait for the Manta Ray. Go to the marked location and press the interaction button. Now wait for Manta Ray to arrive. Soon, a cutscene will start, and you will see the Manta Ray swimming to the marked spot. All you have to do is swim closer to it to take a picture. Make sure to keep the camera focused!

How to Take a Picture of a Pink Dolphin in Dave the Diver

In Dave the Diver, there is another mission where you need to take a picture of a Pink Dolphin. To complete this mission, dive into the water and patiently wait for a dolphin to come near you. The dolphin will guide you to its partner, who is stuck in a fishing net. Your objective is to free the Pink Dolphin by approaching it and pressing the space bar.

After you’ve released the Pink Dolphin, both dolphins will swim together, creating heart-shaped bubbles in the water. Try to capture this moment in your shot. To take the photo, click on the camera icon that appears in the middle of the screen. Make sure to center the Pink Dolphin within the rectangular frame and press the space bar just as the focus marker aligns with the frame. Be quick with the space bar because the marker moves fast. As a reward, the Pink Dolphins will drop an item that you can sell at the Cobra Shop.

This is everything we have got on how to take pictures in Dave the Diver. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know.