In the visually stunning world of Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man 2, players often want to capture the breathtaking moments they experience. One of the most popular ways to do this is by taking a selfie. If you’re wondering how to snap that perfect selfie with Spidey, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you out.


Photo modes have become a significant feature in many modern AAA games, allowing players to capture and share their favorite in-game moments. In “Spider-Man 2,” the allure of taking a selfie is no different. However, there’s a twist: unlike its predecessors, “Spider-Man” (2018) and “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” (2020), there isn’t a dedicated selfie button in “Spider-Man 2.” But don’t be disheartened; there’s a way around this.

Steps to Take a Selfie

  1. Access Photo Mode: First and foremost, the game does have a dedicated Photo Mode. This mode will be your primary tool for taking selfies.
  2. Strike a Pose: Make Spider-Man strike a pose by pressing the Square button. This will set the stage for your selfie.
  3. Toggle to Character Mode: Once in the photo mode, you’ll need to toggle to “Character Mode.” This mode focuses on Spider-Man and allows for more detailed character shots.
  4. Enable Posing: Turn on the “Enable Posing” option. This will give you more control over Spider-Man’s posture and positioning, ensuring you get the best angle for your selfie.
  5. Pause and Access Photo Mode: Pause the game by pressing the Options button. From the pause menu, select the Photo Mode. This will give you control over the camera.
  6. Position the Camera: Now, move the camera around and zoom in on Spider-Man’s front. This will give you that classic selfie perspective.
  7. Hide the UI: For a clean and unobstructed selfie, make sure to hide the game’s user interface (UI). This will ensure your selfie is free from any on-screen distractions.
  8. Experiment with Photo Mode Features: “Spider-Man 2” offers a plethora of features in its Photo Mode. From various lens options to visual effects like smoke and moving lights, there’s a lot to play with. If you’re aiming for a selfie without any villains or other heroes, you can use the “Enemy Visibility” and “Hero Visibility” settings. However, if you’re taking a selfie, you might want to keep the Hero Visibility on.

While “Spider-Man 2” might not offer the direct selfie button that players loved in the previous titles, it still provides a comprehensive Photo Mode that allows for some fantastic shots, including selfies. So, swing around New York City, find that perfect backdrop, and snap away!

Selfie Tips

While Spider-Man 2 doesn’t have the exact same selfie option from the first game, you can still get creative with the photo mode to capture selfies or even pictures with the citizens of New York City. Experiment with different poses, actions, and camera settings to create unique and memorable selfies.

Don’t forget to play around with the in-game Photo Mode features. There are various lens options and visual effects settings that can add a touch of flair to your photos. For those looking to capture the scenic beauty of New York City, the “Enemy Visibility” and “Hero Visibility” settings allow you to turn off character sprites, offering unobstructed views of the city’s landscapes.