How to Switch Weapons in Returnal

How to Switch Weapons in Returnal

There is a huge arsenal of weapons in Returnal that you can experiment with throughout the game. However, the weapon controlling system in Returnal is a bit different from other titles of the same genre. You can switch weapons by finding new ones and this guide will show you how you can switch weapons in Returnal.

Switch Weapons in Returnal

There is no direct switching mechanic in-game, which means if you are fighting with enemies using an AR, you cannot switch to a secondary gun unless you pick up one and equip it.

You can only use the weapon that you have equipped. After finding a new weapon you can equip it, there’s no way to store it for later and utilize it in a fight, you will need to come back to the place to equip the weapon. This means that you will constantly be equipping weapons as soon as you find them.

There are certain weapons, which are dropped from enemies or you can obtain certain weapons from chests. You should look out for any red-colored drops after defeating an enemy or a boss creature and clearing the area. Malignant Chests grant some powerful weapons that can demolish hordes of enemies in no time and these specific chests can provide you with weapons that increase your proficiency and you will have better access to certain powerful weapons.

You will notice that theirs is always a handgun of some tier right before you are going to confront a boss, consider picking it up as it will help greatly in the fight and dealing a great amount of damage to the boss and its goons.

This was everything we have on switching weapons in Returnal. Feel free to check out our detailed Returnal wiki guides for more help on the game.

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