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How to Summon Companions in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

How to Use Companions in Wo Long Dynasty


Welcome to this guide on how to Summon Companions in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. As you progress through the game, you will encounter various powerful warriors that can join your team and help you in your battles.

Companions are known as “Reinforcements” in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty and although these companions usually disappear after their initial appearance, you can summon them as “Reinforcements” during missions to assist you.

Using this guide, you will learn how to summon reinforcements in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and maximize your chances of success.

How to Summon Companions/Reinforcements

The Nameless Warrior will accompany you throughout most missions in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. Even though these allies may leave after the mission is done, you can call on them as reinforcements.

You can plant Battle Flags on podiums as you progress through Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty missions. Each Flag serves as a checkpoint along your journey and offers a variety of options. With a Battle Flag planted, you can return to that location and use its benefits to better navigate and conquer challenges.

Reinforcements are one of the options available when you interact with a Battle Flag in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

If you select this option, you will be able to view a list of companions you can summon to assist you in the Mission. Summoning a companion requires one Tiger Seal per summon.

In most Missions, you can collect Tiger Seals by defeating enemies or finding them randomly.

With the ability to summon reinforcements at your disposal, you’ll be better equipped to face the challenges that await you in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Support from your allies may make it worthwhile to keep them by your side, but in some cases, you may need to tackle a mission alone or replace your current ally.

In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, you have the option to dispel reinforcements from your side by using the Willow Branch item. Choose the Willow Branch from your inventory, then click “Use”.

How to Level Up Companions

You can level up your Reinforcements quickly by using Cups of Cordiality, which are rare drops from defeated enemies or found in treasure chests.

From your Reinforcements list, select the ally you wish to level up and press either the Triangle button on the DualShock controller or the Y button on the Xbox controller.

You’ll receive your companion’s gear when you level up your Reinforcements to the maximum Oath Level of 10.

You can claim this gear by going to Deliveries at the bottom of the Battle Flag menu. When you use the Cup of Cordiality and maximize your Reinforcement’s Oath Level, you’ll unlock powerful gear to help you on your journey.

Every Reinforcement in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty has an Oath Level. Due to their lower level cap, your allies level up more slowly. Moreover, some compansions are much better in combat than others.

Companions Effects and Abilities

Reinforcement AlliesFirst EffectSecond Effect (Oath Level 5)
Cao Cao+4.0% damage to enemies with negative effectsDetection of marking flags
Cheng PuRemoving negative effects after a fatal strikeDamage from melee attacks restores HP
Guan Yu Damage received -2.4%Restore HP after deflecting a critical blow +36
Han DangDamage received from ranged attacks -2.9%Martial Arts Damage Reduction
Zhang FeiDamage from martial arts is up 3.6%Damage received while attacking -2.9%
Xun YuHP restored by 2.4%Obtention of Genuine Qi +9.6%
Xiahou Yuan+4.2% Ranged Attack DamageRanged Attack Ammo Retrieval 7.2%
Sun QuanRanged attacks deal more damage to enemies+1 Ammo Replenishment Upon Fatal Strike
Sun JianDamage from Spirit Attacks is up 3.6%+18 Spirit Sustainability
Hong JingWizardry Spell Spirit Consumption -2.6%Wizardry Spell Damage +4.0%
Huang GaiHP recovery upon Fatal Strike +24Fatal Strike Damage +4.6%
Liu BeiHP +18Alliance Spirit Defense +24
Sun CeSpirit Gain from Normal Attacks +3.5%Spirit Damage Received while Attacking -3.5%
Xiahou Dun7.2% Status Effects Resistance2.2% drop in spirit consumption
Guo JiaAccumulation of enemy status effects +7.2%Duration of negative effects on enemies +3.6%
Zhang LiaoGain power after a fatal strike.Spirit consumption for the Marian Arts -2.6
Zhao YunGain from deflecting +4.0%Gain of 6.0% in morale rank points

That’s all you need to know on how to summon reinforcements in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

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