In Destiny 2, Glimmer serves as one of the primary currencies, crucial for various in-game transactions, ranging from buying gear to upgrading your equipment. However, players have long been frustrated with the game’s Glimmer cap, which is set at 250,000. This limit often feels insufficient, especially when you’re gearing up for significant battles or need to make substantial purchases.


But fear not, Guardians! Resourceful players have discovered a clever workaround to this limitation, allowing you to stockpile well over a million Glimmer. This guide will walk you through the steps to hoard Glimmer beyond the conventional cap, ensuring you’re always ready for whatever the game throws at you.

How To Stockpile Glimmer Beyond 250K Cap

The trick is all about reacquiring certain items (think Exotic Ghost shells or Sparrows) and then tucking them away in your Vault. When you’re low on Glimmer, just dismantle these treasures for a rainy day fund. When you reacquire certain items, they’ll cost you a good chunk of Glimmer. But here’s the kicker: dismantling them gives some of that Glimmer back. It’s like a piggy bank, but for Glimmer.

Go for the high-rarity stuff. The pricier they are to get back, the better. Most Exotic Ghost shells, Sparrows, and ships cost around 4,000 to 6,000 Glimmer and give half back when dismantled. But the real stars? Certain Season 3 goodies. They cost 7,500 and return a whopping 5,000 Glimmer.

If you can, grab loads of the Exotic Alchemical Dawn Shell or Knight’s Peace Shell from Season 3. Don’t forget about the Exotic Otherside Sparrow and G-335 Anseris Overdrive Sparrow. Why? They’re Glimmer goldmines.

One full Vault page of these bad boys equals 250,000 Glimmer when dismantled, but they’ll cost you 375,000 Glimmer to reacquire. It’s like stashing Glimmer in your Vault. Well, your Vault space isn’t infinite. Using this trick means you’ll need to sacrifice some room. But hey, it’s for a good cause, right?

Tips For Farming Glimmer In Destiny 2

It’s recommended to use a combination of Activities, Consumables, and Gear to enhance your Glimmer farming potential. Unlike in previous versions, you can’t just load up a Heroic Story and farm Glimmer from Yellow-bar enemies with a Consumable buff activated.

Master Rahool has become a significant Glimmer vendor, especially after the removal of the Spider and Tangled Shore with The Witch Queen. He offers three options for purchasing Glimmer, making him a go-to for quick Glimmer acquisitions​.

If you’re running low on Legendary Shards for trading with the Spider for Glimmer, a helpful tip is to equip the Glimmer Booster Ghost Mod. It’s located in the third slot of the Ghost Shell and can aid in Glimmer farming.

Earn Glimmer through different means:

  • Purchase from Master Rahool in The Tower.
  • Completing Playlist activities.
  • Defeating enemies, particularly Majors and Ultras.
  • Dismantling equipment.
  • Using the Rainmaker consumable, which makes precision kills have a chance to drop extra Glimmer.
  • Employing Glimmer Booster Ghost Mods​