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How To Steer In LEGO Fortnite (Cars And Planes)


In LEGO Fortnite, steering vehicles and airplanes can be a unique challenge, as the game does not feature a conventional steering mechanism. Steering in LEGO Fortnite can be accomplished, albeit not through traditional means. Cars, built on a Dynamic Platform with wheels, lack inherent steering capabilities. A workaround involves using thrusters and activation switches.

By constructing fences at the front and placing switches on pillars above the fences, players can create a mechanism where falling thrusters are activated by a main switch on the car.

This setup allows for rudimentary left or right movement. However, this is a temporary solution pending the potential introduction of a genuine steering wheel in the game.

For straightforward travel between biomes, building a train system proves more effective, although it requires extensive material stacking.

Tip: Upgrade your crafting bench because you’ll need to craft high-tier item to build unique steering cars and planes.

Alternative Steering Method

  1. Essential Items:
    • Gather a Large Wheel and a Wooden Crate.
  2. Placement:
    • Place the Large Wheel in the middle of the dynamic foundation with discs parallel to the ground.
    • Hold the Wooden Crate and push the Large Wheel with your body.
  3. Steering Mechanics:
    • To turn, push the wheel in the opposite direction of the desired movement.
    • This method relies on the interaction between the wheel’s bounding box and the Wooden Crate, altering the direction of movement​​.

Steering Airplanes

The mechanics for steering airplanes in LEGO Fortnite are similar to those for vehicles, with a few adjustments:

  1. Airplane Basics:
    • Airplanes differ from cars primarily due to the presence of balloons.
  2. Steering Method:
    • Create an overbalance by placing ballast on one side of the airplane, making it start turning.
    • It’s important to quickly remove the excess ballast to prevent over-turning​​.

Will LEGO Fortnite Get Steering Wheels?

Recent rumors suggest that LEGO Fortnite might soon introduce steering wheels, enhancing vehicle control. YouTuber Beau disclosed a leak, revealing images of LEGO Fortnite set instructions. These images purportedly show a bed-like vehicle equipped with two small thrusters and a steering wheel, driven by the character Fish Stick. This leak, presumably originating from an early-access Epic Games employee, hints at the potential inclusion of steering wheels in the game. While not officially confirmed, this development promises to make vehicles more dynamic and interactive in LEGO Fortnite.

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