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How to Start End Game in Death’s Door


If you’re playing Death’s Door and can’t figure out how to start end game content, worry not we are here with the details. Once you are done killing the final boss of the game, there is still more left to do if you want to continue playing. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to start the end game in Death’s Door.

Death’s Door: How to Start End Game Content

You need to visit the Reaping Commission and reach the area with all the desks. It is near the area where you can buy upgrades for your abilities from Soul Vault. You will see a key on the floor. Take the key and return to the Lost Cemetery.

You need to reach the graveyard in the Northwest corner. Use the ladder to reach the bell tower on the opposite side of the locked door. Use the key to unlock the gate and reach the top of the bell tower.

Everything will go dark which means you can down return back down and explore the Lost Cemetery section of Death’s Door. You will see ghosts floating around so what you need to do is guide them to the Lord of Door statues.

When close enough, the ghosts will enter the statue and light up the lock in its face. Repeat the process with all six statues and you will end up unlocking the door in the south section of the area.

Go inside the door where you will get the Ancient Tablet of Knowledge. Now you can explore the game and come across chests and other cool stuff.

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