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How To Start A Compression Event In The Gnorp Apologue

In The Gnorp Apologue you can unlock cool upgrades and get ahead in the game by causing something called a Compression Event. This might sound tricky, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered with a guide that’ll show you exactly what to do.

How To Start A Compression Event In The Gnorp Apologue

The first step in triggering a Compression Event is to fill up the Compression Bar. This bar is typically located at the bottom middle of the game’s interface​​. You need to generate more Shards than you collect to trigger a Compression Event. Focus on developing Shard-generating buildings and upgrades like the Slam Club, Archery Range, and Gnorp Propulsion Lab to efficiently increase your Shard pile.

Keep the Overdrive Bar, located at the top middle of your interface on the left side, maximized. This bar enhances your multiplier, increasing the damage to the Rock, which in turn generates more Shards. Regularly clicking and holding the Rock helps to fill and maintain this bar.

Take full advantage of the Rock Weakness system. Click on the Weakness points that appear on the Rock to eject a substantial number of Shards. Allow up to five Weakness points to accumulate, then quickly click all of them to create a Shard surge, which will help to elevate your pile and fill the Compression Bar.

When preparing for a Compression Event, consider toggling the status of your Cocoa Cafe to let your Mountaineers rest and set your Runners at The Express to take a break. This strategy prevents Shards from being collected too quickly, allowing your Shard pile to grow.

When your Shard pile is sufficient and the Compression Bar is full, a Compression Event will occur. If you have the necessary setup, like a Rock Analysis Lab with a Zybellium Collection upgrade, you’ll be able to collect Zybellium, a valuable currency in the game.

There are ten tiers of Compression, and progressing through them will likely require you to have prestiged in the game. Remember, Zybellium upgrades and Compression tiers reset upon prestiging, so be ready to repeat the process for further gains.

What Happens During a Compression Event?

  • Obtain Zybellium: It is indicated that a Zybellium can be obtained during a Compression Event, which likely plays a role in the game’s upgrade or progression system​​.
  • Gameplay Impact: Compression Events can affect gameplay elements, such as worker behavior. For instance, purchasing a break upgrade during a Compression Event may cause runners not to return to work afterwards​​.
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