How do you start a new game in Hydroneer? Well,  the process is pretty simple. In this guide, we will explain the process and even offer a few beginner’s tips for you to get off on the right foot.

Last updated on June 9th, 2021 at 01:42 am

How to Start a New Game in Hydroneer

Once you boot up the game you will be thrown in the main menu screen. You will see a list of multiple options to the left side. You can access the credits, continue your current game, go to the settings, and more. However, our goal is to start a new game and this will be the top of the list option.

To start a new game select the “New Game” option at the top of the list in Hydroneer main menu. Once you start the game you will be offered a basic shovel, take it to the pan and bucket. Once you reach the bucket and pan make sure you pick up the pan. The next step is to take the pan near water and drop it in the water using the E button on the keyboard. Use the same button to pick up the pan from the water.

Now drop the pan on the dirt nearby by pressing E. The next move is to take the bucket and brush to the pan. Once all three of items are together, pick up the basic shovel and start digging the dirt.

Once you have some dirt on your shovel use the left click on the bucket to dump in the dirt. Fill up the bucket and drop the shovel and pick up the bucket now.  Drop all the dirt inside the pan and put aside the bucket. Take the brush and look at the pan and press the left click to clean the brush. Now you have some items that can be sold so get you started in Hydroneer.

That’s the end of our Hydroneer how to start a new game guide and beginner’s tips. Check out the Hydroneer Wiki for more information.

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