After you solve the crane slider puzzle, get access to the egg creature. From there, the mine cart puzzle will begin, which can be solved in two ways; you can save the egg creature or kill him. No matter what you choose, you’ll progress further in the game.

Solution #1 – Save the Egg Creature

After solving the first puzzle, go back to the elevator and reach the main large circular room. Follow the tracks on the floor to find a chair on which you need to place the creature.

You need to move the chair to the left along the rails and stop it under the device near the podium. Use the controls to place the creature on the chair but before you move, go to the top of the central pillar. You’ll be switched to a bird’s eye view when you use the controls on the pillar.

Here’s the correct order of the switches to save the creature:

  • Hit bottom right switch to continue circling the room
  • The bottom right switch should be changed to the up position
  • The top right switch should be flipped to the rightmost setting

Go back to the chair and start moving it along the rails. You will eventually reach the room where the creature’s shell will be removed. Use the panel in that room to operate the crane that removes the creature’s shell.

Note: Using the chair with the scoop in the other room will kill the creature.

Help the creature across the corridor and get the hand key. Take him to the podium to open the door and end this section of the game.

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