The Mantis is one of the earlier quests that you can do in Starfield. Despite being an early-game quest, there are some lucrative rewards. You will, however, need to complete the Mantis Floor puzzle that can be a head-scratcher for some people. This guide will help you easily complete the Mantis Floor puzzle in Starfield.


Starfield Mantis Floor Puzzle

As mentioned earlier, you will find the puzzle in The Mantis questline. However, to start The Mantis quest, you will need to find a Data Slate called Secret Outpost. You can come across this Data Slate in The Old Neighborhood. Listen to the Data Slate to learn about a hidden base named Denebola I-B.

Once you enter the facility, you will encounter a number of Spacer mercenaries. Since it is a fairly tight area, you can use anything that excels at close-quarters — explosives are also an excellent option! After progressing a bit, you will also get the Bounty Hunter Spacesuit.

The Mantis Floor Puzzle

The hardest part of The Mantis questline is the floor puzzle at the entrance. After getting there, you will notice that this floor has multiple rows of letters and there are turrets at the end. By stepping on the wrong panel, you will trigger the turrets, which will kill you. In order to proceed, place your feet on the plates so that they spell out the word: Tyrannis.


Once you have reached the other side of the room, you can proceed. By solving the puzzle successfully, you will be able to unlock the gate and deactivate the turrets.


After you have solved The Mantis puzzle, continue to progress ahead and you will get:

  • The Mantis Spacesuit Set
  • The Mantis Legendary Ship: Razorleaf — one of the best early-game ships that you can get for free.

This is everything we have on how to solve The Mantis puzzle in Starfield. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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