Scorn’s Act 1 puts you in a challenging position early on with the Crane Slider puzzle. To solve this puzzle, you need to use the crane mechanism and place the pods correctly, and in this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to solve the Crane Slider puzzle.

You can see weird machines during the crane slide puzzle section, and your main goal is to use all of them correctly to solve the puzzle. When you enter the room with a giant stone structure in the middle, go to the large room on the east side. You can’t open the door for the time being, but there is an archway to the right of the large door.

Head through the archway, and there should be a room and an elevator opposite the room. We are not going in the room, so head to the elevator.

Use the elevator to reach the upper level, where you should see an extended platform near a big wall. Out of the two control panels, use the one on the right.

The Crane

You will get control of the crane that moves the pods on the wall. You need to move the correct pod to the top left corner of the wall. The correct pod must be moved through empty pod slots all the way to the grab slot. The panel on the right controls the pods, but the panel on the left can help you break the pods. Not all pods are breakable, so some need to be moved out of the way via the right panel to clear a path for the correct pod.

The breakable pod is linked to a pod below it, so you need two horizontal slots to move the correct pod. To solve this puzzle, you must move all empty pods to the right while moving the correct pod to the left.

You can check out the video from Lunar Gaming Guides to help you solve the first mine cart puzzle in Scorn.

Once the pod is in position, leave the mechanism and go to the newly revealed humanoid creature on the lower floor. In the middle of the room, there should be a cart, and come controls to access it should be placed behind it. From here on, the Scorn crane puzzle starts.

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