There are a lot of puzzles that players will need to complete in order to progress through The Medium. One such puzzle which is needed to progress through the main story takes place in the Niwa Hotel. Players must use the grandfather clock in the hotel to find Thomas and unlock a secret pathway. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything there’s to know about how to solve the clock puzzle in The Medium.

How to Solve the Clock Puzzle in The Medium?

After players get inside the Manager’s Office in the Niwa Hotel, they’ll come across a clock which is the key to learning everything that happened in the area. The first order of business is to pick up the key from the desk to be able to unlock the clock and move its hands as needed. After unlocking the clock, players need to move the hands so that it says 4:00 PM on the clock.

If done correctly, players will see Thomas near a Spirit Well that they can use to recharge their Spirit Abilities. Once players have fully recharged their abilities, they’ll need to forward the time until they see a new area leading to the Spirit World. It should be somewhere near 5:00 PM.

Once the passage to the Spirit World is opened, players will need to enter the Spirit World and head inside the new area. Once inside the Spirit World, players need to activate a switch in the area and then return to their normal self. After exiting the Spirit World, they need to head over to the bookshelf in the corner to find a switch behind a picture. Activate the switch to complete the puzzle. Remember that players will need to use the Insight ability to be able to see the hidden switch.

That’s all we’ve got in how to solve the clock puzzle in The Medium. Check out our detailed The Medium wiki for more guides.

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