How to Solve Dartmoor Murder Mystery in Hitman 3

Hitman 3 dartmoor murder mystery

If you are a fan of Hitman locations then the third location of Hitman 3 will surely make you drool over how amazing it is. As Agent 47, you find yourself in a countryside estate in England. While you are inside the luxury estate there is a murder investigation happening around you and this murder investigation can be solved by Agent 47. If you were also curious about who the killer is, in this guide, I will explain how to solve the Dartmoor Murder Mystery in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3: How to Solve the Murder Mystery

It is to be noted that you must start the entrance of the house when you try to solve the Dartmoor murder mystery in Hitman 3. To solve the Murder Mystery you need to follow a Mission Story named Means Motive, And Opportunity. You can access this Mission Story as you approach the front gate. There is a detective hired by Alexa Carlisle and he is your key to solving the Murder Mystery in Hitman 3. Keep tabs on the detective and follow him up to the house.

The best to get close to the detective you need to take down a security guard and a gardener but if you find a way around this, be my guest. Hide in the bushes outside the gate and use the coin to distract everyone and take them down as they come close. The goal is to get the detective outfit before he enters the house. You can get his disguise after you enter the house if you can find the chance. You can find an opportunity inside the house if you disguise yourself as one of the staff.

Note: You can’t be inside the house as a gardener or security guard.

As soon as you get the detective’s outfit, your objective will be to speak with Mrs. Carlisle and the butler, Mr. Fenersby. The butler will ask you to investigate the crime scene. Go to the crime scene in the bedroom and look for clues. You can find clues with your camera. Look at the bed and surrounding areas.

Go back to the butler and inquire about the family before starting to question the suspects. You can find all suspects in the ground floor of the house inside various large rooms. They often move around between rooms but the ground floor is the general area where you’ll find them all.

The goal is to ask them questions, look around, and try to confirm their alibis. You can ask three questions to them and you’ll come to know a few things, Gregory and Edward went to a hotel and pub the night before so they can be written off as innocent.

When you speak with Patrick he’ll say he was with Rosie, the night before. Rosie is the family maid and she can be found in the kitchen. She will confirm Patrick’s alibi which means he is innocent as well.

Investigate the two other named bedrooms on the 2nd floor. Also, break into the butler’s office to gather as much information you can. You can break into the office by using a crowbar by the truck outside the window, or down by the greenhouse. Inside the butler’s office, you will find that the butler is actually an accomplice as he helped make the death look like an accident.

With this information, you have the choice of framing him as the killer or finding out the name of the real killer. Inside his office, you will find the master key so take that with you before you head out. Find all the clues and speak with everyone to be able to reach the greenhouse, break-in, and investigate the open book on the table next to a magnifying glass. Here you will find out the Emma is the real killer.

With the name of the real killer, speak with the butler and he will take you to Carlisle on the top floor. Speak with Alexa Carlisle and reveal that you know what happened the night before. Tell her that you also discovered that Emma is her niece and Alexa killed her brother Montgomery. You can use the information you have to bargain the file in her safe which is what you needed to complete the mission in the first place. She will agree to give it to you, head over to the safe, and grab the file. You can then kill Alexa when she is alone on the balcony.

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