If you are wondering what is going on with Unskippable YouTube ads, you are not alone. Google is making some changes to the way YouTube ads work. It is part of its long term plan to turn YouTube mainly into a TV Show hosting platform. As time progresses, YouTube will eventually become unbearable for those who do not pay to use it. The solution? There are two ways to avoid annoying ads on YouTube: Subscribe to YouTube Premium or Find ways to skip Unskippable ads.


YouTube Ads: How to Skip Unskippable Ads

If you are getting multiple Unskippable ads on YouTube then you know how annoying life can be on YouTube for non-paying users. I myself have experienced Unskippable ads at the beginning, middle, and sometimes even at the end of the video. The ads are not only Unskippable but often between 15 seconds to 2:20 minutes long.

Check Your Ad Blocker

Many Ad Blockers if not all come with a pop-up blocker and this could be the problem. The skip button is often considered as a pop-up and blocked by your Ad Blocker. Turning off your ad blocker on YouTube is a double-edged sword. The skip button will most likely appear again once you turn off the ad blocker but display ads at the bottom of your videos will start to show.

Use A Different Ad Blocker

There aren’t many ad blockers that work on YouTube. Below is a list of adblockers that are known to work on YouTube:


Note: Even with an AdBlocker you may not be able to stop every ad that appears on YouTube.

  • AdBlock: A browser extension that is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. AdBlock is very easy to configure and it comes with preset filter lists. The lists will make it very easy for you to block the majority of online ads, especially on YouTube and other video streaming services.
  • AdLock: If you aren’t too fond of browser extensions, use AdLock. It is independent software that allows individual devices to block ads. It will not only allow you to block ads on YouTube but also stop ads on other websites. Moreover, you can block ads on Skype, BitTorrent, online games, and many mobile apps. The problem is that you need to pay $20 a year for AdLock’s services.

Get YouTube Premium

The best way to skip Unskippable ads on YouTube is to subscribe to YouTube Premium. It is a premium ads-free service that allows you to experience YouTube videos ads free. Moreover, there are exclusive TV Shows and features only available on YouTube Premium subscribers. YouTube Originals and YouTube Music alone make it worth the price. Still, YouTube Premium might not be an option for you since it isn’t available in some countries.

And that’s how you skip Unskippable ads on YouTube.