V Rising offers the players a cruel world where you can choose to play either as PVE-player versus environment or PVP-player versus player elements. Moving around as a vampire, you need to search for blood in the village close to Vandoran. In the Game V Rising, you need to construct your main settlement and make groups with allies to gain access to more land for power. This guide will explain How To Siege in V Rising.

How to Siege

Other players are sieged, which have tier 1 wood castles by just bombing them. It would help if you had a siege golem to gain control of tier 2 stone castles. But first, you need to upgrade your castle to tier 2 stone, which is not a difficult task to achieve, but gaining control of the siege golem is a bit tricky but not impossible.

  • Activation Time of Siege Golem Stone: 210s (3.5 minutes)

You can activate the stone by placing it in an uncontested location. Activation time can be decreased by using a matching floor and a safe, closed castle room.

What happens when the Golem stone is activated

When the siege golem stone is activated, you can control the golem for five minutes (300 sec). Golem can cause a severe amount of destruction for players and buildings if it is activated successfully. After the activation of the siege golem, there is a server-wide notification that pins the siege golem’s location on the map. And if you die as a golem, it will not transform you back, but it will kill you.

By becoming a siege golem, you get two abilities Stomping and Earth Shatter.

  • Stomping causes 300% siege damage
  • Earth Shatter causes 200% siege damage

That’s everything you need to know, but if you need more help? See How to Get Servants, Alpha Wolf Boss Fight.

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