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How to Score Free Kicks in FIFA 22


Free kicks are an important aspect of football in general. A free-kick usually means to restart the game after a foul by kicking the ball on the spot where the foul occurred. This guide will help you in knowing how you can utilize a free kick in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22: How to Score Free Kicks

Free kicks are usually scored by a dedicated free kicker, as they would encourage the whole situation. If you are lacking a good free-kick taker, then it is easy for your team to get discouraged on the field.

FIFA 22 picks the best free kicker by default and you don’t have to worry about looking at the stats of each player available to choose one. The default free kick angle is in the overhead view, but you can move it to the back of your player. This way you can focus more on scoring a goal or moving the ball close to opponent’s box rather than just crossing the ball.

The right trigger on your controller will let you see a shortlist of all the free-kick takers. You can choose one from this list, if you don’t like the default one. You will need to look at the stats of all the potential free kickers. These stats specifically include Free Kick Accuracy (FKA), Curve (CRV), and Power (PWR).

After you have set up everything to kick the ball in Free Kick scenario, you now need to kick the ball, which is the most complex part of this whole situation. This is rather difficult to pull off because you will have to hold the left stick at any corner of the goal. You will need to learn the muscle memory skill and hold the reticle in place.

You can set the power of the kick as when you are close to the goal, you just need to tap the button. When you are far away from the goal you will need more power to hit the ball in the right direction.

This is usually represented by a bar on the side of your player, and you will need to wait until the bar turns green to free kick the ball in a clean manner.

This is everything that there is to know about scoring free kicks in FIFA 22. Need more help? See How to Play as Goalkeeper, How to Farm Skill Points.

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