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How to Save Your Progress in Deathloop


While going through loops in Deathloop, you will be obtaining a bunch of gear and items that you don’t want to lose. So, you will need to deal with each Deathloop and let the game save your progress. There is no manual way to save your game in Deathloop but we have some tricks up our sleeves that you can do to save the game wherever you want.

Saving Progress in Deathloop

As we mentioned earlier that there is no manual way to save your progress, so you will have to stick with whatever happens in each loop. However, you are accompanied by the autosave feature, and it will save whenever you make a change or reach certain points in the game.

There are some tricks that you can do to get the game to save your progress. You can force the game to autosave your progress by entering the menus and making a change to your inventory. This will make the game save your progress, where you are currently standing in the game. You can go into the menus, change your weapons or trinkets in your inventory.

However, you cannot force the game to save your progress while you are in the middle of a mission or completing a quest. If for some reason, you forcefully quit the game, or the game crashes, you will be brought back to the start of the mission. This means that you will lose any progress that you made before the game autosaves the game.

All in all, if you want to save the game urgently, you need to head into the tunnels, skip the current time phase and reach the next time phase of the loop to save the game.

This is how you can save your progress in Deathloop. Need more help? See How to Hack Turrets, How to Play Julianne, The Yerhva Queen of Riddles Answers.

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