Amnesia The Bunker is a survival game, developed by Frictional Games. The storyline is based on a Post-apocalyptic scenario where as a player you will explore the bunker and try to find a way out of it. However, this becomes extremely hard if you don’t know how to save your game. As there is no autosave option in the game so you need to manually save in Amnesia The Bunker. So in this guide, in this guide, we will break down the steps you need to know on how to save your game in Amnesia The Bunker


Map Locations To Save Game In Amnesia The Bunker

To save the game in Amnesia The Bunker, there are plenty of options available throughout the map so it is only a matter of finding them.

Location #01 ( Administration Office )

The first save location is the Administration office near the Central Bunker. Inside the Administration office room, you’ll find a desk with a lantern hanging above it. Go to the lantern and turn it on to save your game. Keep in mind that when you turn on the light, you save the game.

Where To Find The Administration Office?

After entering the bunker, players can head towards the Administration area by going through the Infirmary and Mess Hall. They’ll meet a surviving soldier who gives them a pistol and ammo. Leaving the Mess Hall, they’ll see a locked door. Shoot the lock, go downstairs, and find another door with a red light. That’s where they’ll find the Administration Office.


Note: If the light of the lantern is already on then simply turn it off. And then turn it on again to save your game progress.

Location #02 (In The Tunnels)

Another save location is in The Tunnels where you can interact with the lantern the same way as before. The tunnels will be accessible as the story progresses.

Save Game Locations (Easy Mode)

In the lower difficulty mode, players can discover save lamps located in the Warden’s Office of the Prison section, as well as near the ladder leading to the Pillbox area. It should be noted that these save lamps are absent in the more challenging difficulty levels.

Some Tips For Saving Game in Amnesia The Bunker

Here are some helpful tips for saving your progress in Amnesia: The Bunker:

  • Save regularly: Since there is no autosave feature, make sure to save your game frequently to prevent losing progress.
  • Save before entering new areas: It’s good practice to save your game before exploring unfamiliar territory. This way, you can avoid losing progress in case of death or getting stuck.
  • Save before tackling tough challenges: Prior to attempting difficult tasks or challenges, save your game. This precautionary measure will save you from starting over if you happen to fail.

This is all you need to know about How To Save Game In Amnesia the Bunker. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below.


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