How to Save Dogs in Spelunky 2 – Rescue Dogs From Dungeons

save dogs in Spelunky 2

We all love pets and even in video games do whatever it takes to protect them. Spelunky 2 is no different, the pets featured in this game are protected by the player. You can rescue and save dogs in Spelunky 2 but how? In this guide, we will explain how to save dogs in Spelunky 2 so you never have to see them get hurt.

Spelunky 2 Guide: How to Save Dogs

Pretty much all levels in Spelunky 2 hide companions for you to find. The mechanic is the same as the first game so if you played the original, you already know how it works. But there is a difference between the original game and Spelunky 2. In the original, you had more choices when it comes to companions. Spelunky allowed you to rescue a dog, a man, and a blonde woman. In Spelunly 2 the only rescue option is dogs. You can save dogs in Spelunky 2 at all levels. However, the dogs are hiding in hard to reach places. Often times you will have to use bombs or grappling hooks to reach dogs in Spelunky 2.

To save dogs in Spelunky 2 you can stand on top of them, press down on the d-pad, and Square at the same time. You can then carry the dogs to a safe place. It is easier said than done though. Getting out of the dungeon with a dog is hard as enemies will attack you from all sides. You can actually throw dogs at enemies but this has a chance of knocking out the dog. You need the dog awake for it to exit the dungeon safely. You also need to keep in mind that the dog will run around the dungeon if let loose which means enemies will attack him. Only leave the dog loose if you know nothing will attack it. If you manage to successfully rescue the dog in Spelunky 2 the dog will lick you with love. You’ll get an extra heart which means you can take another hit before you die. Save more dogs to get additional hearts in Spelunky 2.

That’s all you need to know about rescuing dogs in Spelunky 2. Check out mounts and shortcuts guides for more help.

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