Sarah Morgan is a notable companion in Starfield, offering players the opportunity to engage in a romantic relationship with her. This guide will walk you through the steps to build a romantic bond with Sarah, leading to the Starcrossed Achievement.


How To Romance Sarah Morgan In Starfield

Before you can start building a relationship and romance Sarah Morgan you need to recruit her as a companion. Recruiting her happens after you reach New Atlantis and deliver the artifact. She will then ask you if she can join your party as a companion. Her starting abilities are as follow:

  • Lasers: Rank
  • Leadership: Rank 2
  • Botany: Rank 1
  • Astrodynamics: Rank 4

Building a Relationship with Sarah Morgan

  • Travel with Sarah: To foster a relationship with Sarah, ensure she accompanies you on missions whenever possible. This allows you to engage in dialogue options that can increase her affinity towards you.
  • Engage in Positive Dialogue: Sarah appreciates when you choose “Nice” dialogue options, avoid violence, and opt for diplomatic solutions. Always save before engaging in dialogue to ensure you can reload if Sarah dislikes a choice you make.
  • Avoid Harm: Refrain from attacking civilians or friendly NPCs. Sarah values kindness and will react negatively to unnecessary violence.
  • Engage in Conversations: Whenever Sarah wishes to speak, engage in the conversation and choose supportive dialogue options. Look out for [FLIRT], [ROMANCE], and [COMMITMENT] options and select them when available.

Sarah’s Relationship Mission

  • After gaining enough affinity with Sarah, she will offer a mission titled “In Memoriam”. Accepting this mission will change your relationship status with her to “friend”.
  • Complete the “In Memoriam” mission, ensuring you make choices that resonate with Sarah’s values. For instance, convincing a young girl to return home during the mission will earn Sarah’s approval.
  • At the mission’s conclusion, choose the dialogue option expressing your love for Sarah to elevate the relationship to “girlfriend” status.

Proposing Marriage

Continue traveling with Sarah as your active companion. After some time, she will initiate another conversation. During this conversation, choose the [COMMITMENT] dialogue option to propose marriage. Sarah will need some time to prepare for the wedding, so continue traveling with her.

After some time, Sarah will be ready for the wedding, which will take place at Paradiso on the planet Porrima II. During the ceremony, you can choose to invite Sarah’s mother. Following the vows, Sarah will present you with a genetag from her time at the UC as a symbol of her past and the journey you’ve shared.


Additional Notes

  • The gender of your character doesn’t impact the romance options with Sarah or any other companions in Starfield.
  • The game doesn’t feature explicit romance cutscenes. However, after marriage, when you sleep in a bed, Sarah will wake up beside you and comment on the time spent together.
  • You can end the relationship at any point by discussing the relationship with Sarah and choosing to end the commitment.
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