“Baldur’s Gate 3,” a seminal role-playing video game, offers players the chance to engage in complex narratives and intricate relationships with various characters. One such character is Minthara, a Drow who can be romanced under specific circumstances. This guide will walk you through every step required to successfully initiate and navigate a romantic relationship with Minthara, all the way to its potential outcomes.


Pre-Romance Requirements

To start, it’s important to note that Minthara’s character was considerably enhanced in the game’s patch 9 Early Access, drastically improving her appearance. However, romancing her isn’t just about admiring her beauty, but involves a series of choices that can lead to both rewarding and challenging outcomes.

The first requirement to romance Minthara is discovering the location of Druid Grove. To find it, you’ll have to progress through the game’s main story until you encounter the quest leading you there. Once you’ve found Druid Grove, immediately make your way to the goblin camp. The quickest way to get there is by taking the eastern road out of Druid Grove and heading north.

Upon arrival at the goblin camp, you’ll need to talk to Minthara. She’s easily recognizable, standing tall and clad in elegant Drow armor. Express your intentions to join their cause and offer your help in attacking Druid Grove. This choice will inevitably lead you to betray everyone in the Grove, which will bear significant in-game consequences, but it’s necessary for your romantic pursuit of Minthara.


After pledging your allegiance, prepare for a series of combats; keep some healing items with you. The first location is at the gates of Druid Grove, where you’ll need to defeat every defender and Zebler, a character who earlier in the game would have directed you to seek healing from Nettie. Despite the dramatic setup, this is a relatively easy fight. However, remember to conserve your spells and abilities as tougher battles are ahead.

Next, move on to the hollows, where One-eyed Willie awaits if you haven’t previously recruited him. He’s not particularly powerful, but it’s still a fight you need to win. Afterward, proceed to the sacred pool, where you’ll need to battle against Kagha, Nettie, and the rest of the Druids. This will be the most challenging fight yet. Consider taking a short rest or using healing potions if you’ve exhausted your spells and weapon skills.

Final Battle And Romancing Minthara

With all these battles won, head to the secluded chamber to fight alongside Minthara against a group of civilians. This is your chance to impress Minthara with your combat skills, a key element to deepening your romance with Minthara in Baldur’s Gate 3.

After slaying everything and everyone in sight, you’ll trigger a romantic encounter with Minthara. After a short conversation near the campfire, both of you will move to a separate chamber where she will tell you to “lie down.” Do as she says and then she’ll ask you “what you want.” Answer with the “I want you” option to trigger a romantic sex scene with Minthara in Baldur’s Gate 3.


Possible Outcomes Of The Romance

Here, you can explore Minthara’s fears or desires. Your choice at this juncture will critically influence the outcome of your relationship.

If you opt to delve into her fears, you will provoke the worst outcome. Minthara will find out, react violently, and attempt to assassinate you. Opting to focus on her desires leads to a more favorable outcome. It presents two possibilities:

  1. The Lipid Option: This route will still lead to a deadly confrontation. Minthara will express confusion about her feelings for you, but ultimately decide your death is necessary for her cause. She will send you to Moonrise Towers where you’ll need to prove yourself or perish.
  2. The Persuasion Check: If you pass this check, Minthara will express a need for you, a deviation from her usually independent demeanor. You’ll still have to part ways, but she gives a promise of reunion if you both serve her deity, the Absolute, well.

Romancing Minthara presents an exciting challenge for Baldur’s Gate 3 players, requiring strategic combat and careful choice-making. It adds an extra layer of complexity to the game not possible with other companions.


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