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In Baldur’s Gate 3, players have the opportunity to form deep connections with their companions, one of whom is the fiery Tiefling, Karlach. This guide will walk you through the process of romancing Karlach, a character who has emerged from the depths of hell and carries a burning passion that can be ignited through your actions.

Karlach Background

Karlach, a seasoned warrior, has a unique backstory that adds depth to her character. She has fought her way out of Avernus, the first layer of the Nine Hells, and carries with her an Infernal Engine that is in need of repair. Your journey with Karlach begins when you encounter her on the Risen Road in Act 1. Ensure you have a spot in your party for her to join the fight against Anders. As you continue your adventures with Karlach, strive to increase her approval through heroic deeds and good actions. However, be prepared for conflicts, as she may clash with Wyll, another one of the companions. It’s crucial to diffuse such situations through dialogue to maintain harmony within your party.

How To Romance Karlach

Karlach’s Infernal Engine, her heart, is a significant aspect of her character. It causes intense pain to those who attempt to touch her. To alleviate this, you must embark on a quest to find Infernal Iron, a material that can repair her Infernal Engine. This quest is closely tied to her companion quest arcs: Our Fiery Friend and The Hellion’s Heart.


The first step in this quest is to find a Tiefling named Dammon in the Tiefling refugee camp in Druid Grove. Dammon possesses the knowledge to repair Karlach’s Infernal Engine, but he requires Infernal Iron to do so. This material can be found in various locations in Act 1, including the Goblin Camp/Shattered Sanctum and Grymforge in the Underdark. Once you’ve obtained the Infernal Iron, return to Dammon, who will use it to repair Karlach’s Infernal Engine.

After the repair, Karlach will be able to touch someone, albeit briefly. You can test this by attempting to kiss her, which will result in a spark. Following this, you can suggest a way to cool her off, which will advance her dialogue. This can be achieved by throwing water at her, casting a water or ice spell, or shooting an ice arrow.

Karlach Romance options in Baldur's Gate 3.

As you progress into Act 2 of Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll need to visit Dammon in Baldur’s Gate. Before you can find yourself inside the city, you’ll be find yourself in the Shadow-Cursed Lands, where you’ll come across the Last Light Inn. Here, Dammon will request additional Infernal materials. These can be found in the Gauntlet of Shar dungeon. Once you’ve obtained these materials, return to Dammon, who will warn you of potential problems. Despite this, you can proceed with your romance with Karlach by returning to your camp and engaging in a conversation with her at night.

However, be aware that your romance with Karlach may face some hurdles. Dammon warns that Karlach’s Infernal Engine will continue to overheat, which could eventually lead to her death. While there might be a cure, Soul Coins, it has yet to be confirmed.


Furthermore, if you attempt to romance other companions simultaneously, you may find yourself locked out of potential romances. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider your actions and decisions carefully. However, you are free to recruit other companions as long as you don’t romance them at the same time.

Despite these challenges, romancing Karlach is a rewarding experience. Her fiery spirit, coupled with her endearing personality, makes her a great companion. Whether you’re seeking a fun romance with a darker overstory or a heartwarming venture, Karlach is a compelling choice.

How To Get Karlach’s Approval In Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. Defending Karlach: When Wyll confronts her at your camp, argue that she is not a devil. It’s advisable to recruit Karlach first without Wyll and have this confrontation in the camp. Notably, every Origin Companion seems to have a liking for Karlach.
  2. Respecting the Dead: Use the ‘Speak with Dead’ ability to inquire if the Abducted Nobleman in the crashed Nautiloid desires any last rites to be performed, especially if you’re a Cleric.
  3. Mediating Conflicts: Persuade Zevlor against attacking Aradin and later promise him to negotiate with Kagha about extending the tieflings’ stay in the grove.
  4. Handling Thieves: When Silfy attempts to rob you, assure her that you won’t retaliate in anger.
  5. Protecting the Innocent: Confront Kagha and persuade her to release Arabella. Similarly, confront Ethel about Mayrina’s involuntary stay in her hut.
  6. Making Moral Choices: Save Sazza’s life and ensure Mizora remains unharmed.
  7. Petting Scratch: A simple gesture of petting Scratch can earn you Karlach’s approval.
  8. Handling Goblins: Persuade Lump the Enlightened to fight for the fallen’s flesh and intimidate Novice Crusher in the Goblin Camp. Take control over Dror Ragzlin to ask your questions.
  9. Dealing with Temptations: Express your distrust towards Raphael.
  10. Protecting the Grove: Assure Halsin of your commitment to safeguard the grove. Later, stand with the Tieflings against Minthara and drive the goblins away from the Druid Grove.
  11. Handling Resources: Hand over the infernal iron to Damon.
  12. Navigating Gith Politics: Inform Ellyka that the gith at the bridge mean nothing to you. Allow Lae’zel to communicate with the Gith and promise to rescue Duke Ravengard.
  13. Seeing Through Deceptions: Recognize Auntie Ethel’s true nature, seeing past her elderly woman disguise.

Karlach Personality Traits

  • Determined: Karlach’s traumatic past in Avernus has forged her into a determined individual seeking revenge on the one who betrayed her to Zariel. She is also intent on freeing herself from the infernal engine. Decisive dialogue choices will likely increase her approval.
  • Adventurous: Despite her harrowing experiences in the Nine Hells, Karlach aspires to live life on her terms, be it exploring new horizons or finding love. Dialogues that resonate with exploration and adventure will likely boost her approval.

Karlach Build Suggestions

  • Wildheart Barbarian: This subclass offers versatility with the Bestial Heart mechanic. Among the Bestial Hearts, Bear, Elk, and Wolf are top choices, enhancing Karlach’s tankiness, mobility, or ally support capabilities.
  • Berserker: A more direct approach, Berserkers are essentially an upgraded version of the Barbarian class.