How to Rob Shopkeepers in Spelunky 2 – Best Methods To Kill Shopkeepers

Spelunky 2 rob shopkeepers

Spelunky 2 has various areas where you can find shopkeepers and you can kill them all in a variety of ways to rob them. There are pros and cons for killing the shopkeepers and in this quick guide, we will explain everything you need to know about killing shopkeepers and how to rob them in Spelunky 2.

Ways to Kill Shopkeepers in Spelunky 2

We will discuss 5 different ways to kill shopkeepers in Spelunky 2. All of them are easy to perform and will get the job done.

Method #1: You can actually use his own items against him. If you find a shopkeeper that sells weapons you can pick up those weapons and blast his brains out.

The best weapons to kill shopkeepers are shotguns as well as the mattock. To use the mattock you need to stand next to the shopkeeper and kill them.

Method #2: Killing a shopkeeper is done to rob him and sometimes the best way to rob them is by using a rob. This method also involves killing and you will get to rob the shopkeeper.

Find an unsuspecting shopkeeper and move all the items toward one section near the shopkeeper and hit the rope button that will make the shopkeeper drop his gun. Now is the time to act as fast as you can, grab the gun, and kill him.

Method #3: The third method to rob a shopkeeper also involves the rope. In this method, you won’t be moving the items. Go and stand where the shopkeeper is and then use the rope to grab his gun and kill him.

Method #4: If you don’t want to use a rope you can always use bombs. In this method, you need to stand on the second item in the shop. Now you simultaneously jump and throw the bomb. When you come down you should land on him, take his gun and kill him. Now you can rob the shopkeeper in Spelunky 2.

Method #5: To kill and rob the shopkeeper using the 5th method you need to stand outside the shop, the area which isn’t wood. Crouch down and place down a bomb. Now pick up the bomb, wait for a bit, and throw it at the shopkeeper. The timing is key here.

There are all of the methods we currently have to rob shopkeepers in Spelunky 2. If you need more help with Spelunky 2 check out the Wiki.

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