Tribes of Midgard isn’t an easy game and that’s one of the reasons why players can play the game in co-op. During their adventures, players will have to revive their allies or companions when they are overwhelmed by enemies. This Tribes Of Midgard guide will help players with how to revive companions and allies and how to self-revive.

How To Revive And Self Revive

When players or companions are down, they can still crawl around. So they can move a bit closer to their allies to get revived.

To revive companions, approach the companion and press and hold X for PlayStation and A for Xbox. This will revive the companion. However, only the Warrior class has the ability to self-revive.

However, players have to unlock the ability first. All players have to do is press and hold the Square button for PlayStation and X for Xbox. This will self-revive the players.

That is all for our Tribes of Midgard guide on how to review companions and how to self-revive. For more on the game, also see our How to Upgrade Vendors and Merchants and How to Increase Power Level.

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