PUBG: New State is out now and it has a couple of new features and improvements over the previous version of the game. In this PUBG: New State guide, we are going to walk you through how you can revive a dead friend during a battle royale match.

How To Revive A Dead Team Mate In PUBG: New State

In order to bring back a dead friend, you need the green flare gun. Firing this into the sky can bring back a dead friend. Note that the player needs to be online in order to do that. If they are offline then this is not going to work. If you are lucky then you can find the green flare gun in the open world, just like other items that you can loot.

The friend that you call back is going to drop from the plane just like you do at the start of each round.

Revive Dead PUBG: New State

There is another way of getting the green flare gun that does not rely on luck. When playing the game you will notice that there is cash lying around that you can pick up. You can collect this and spend it on different items in the Drone Stone, which you can access by pressing the drone button on the right side of the screen.

Add the green flare gun to your cart and then order it. You will need 1200 of the currency in order to order one. A drone is going to deliver it to you. We recommend ordering the drone in an open space so that you can retrieve the items that you have ordered. I once ordered a drone and it dropped the stash on top of a building and I could not access the roof. So do keep that in mind.

This is how you can revive a friend and bring them back from the dead in PUBG: New State.

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