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How To Restore Pal Sanity In Palworld (All Pals Big And Small)


Catching pals is one thing but their maintenance is entirely different story. Each Pal in Palworld has a Sanity level known as SAN, a vital stat that decreases when they labor in your base. Neglecting their Sanity can lead to dire consequences. Pals with depleted Sanity might start slacking at work, or worse, become ill or injured. Since we’re already tasking these creatures with extensive work, it’s crucial to avoid overburdening them to the brink of exhaustion.

To keep your Pals’ Sanity, a few basic amenities are essential:

  • Personal Beds: Ensure every working Pal has a bed in your base. This provides them with a personal space to rest and recover.
  • Feed Boxes: Accessibility to Feed Boxes filled with food is a must. Pals should be able to feed themselves whenever necessary.

Additionally, introducing some leisure facilities can significantly boost and restore their Sanity in Palworld. I suggest having a Hot Springs in your base for your Pals, here’s the crafting recipe for Hot Springs:

  • Hot Springs: A blissful retreat for your Pals, Hot Springs are available at Level 9 in the Technology Tree. Crafting them requires:
    • 30x Wood
    • 15x Stone
    • 10x Pal Fluids
    • 10x Paldium Fragment

Hot Springs serve as a sanctuary for tired Pals, helping restore their Sanity in Palworld. Sometimes, you might need to manually assign them to these springs, especially if they’re too engrossed in their work.

Big Pals Losing Sanity? Here’s How To Keep Them Sane And Happy

As you advance in the game, more sophisticated options become available. At Level 24 of the Technology Tree, you can craft Fluffy Pal Beds. These are a significant upgrade over the standard Straw Beds, offering better rest and quicker Sanity restoration. Fluffy Beds are also the only way to fully restore the Sanity (SAN) of Big Pals. The crafting recipe for Fluffy Pal Beds includes:

  • 10x Cloth
  • 5x Nail
  • 30x Wood
  • 10x Fiber

A well-furnished base with these amenities ensures that your Pals have everything they need to maintain their Sanity.

Sometimes, Pals aren’t the best at managing their own Sanity. It’s up to you, as their caretaker, to intervene. Keep an eye on their behavior – if a Pal seems overworked or stressed, it might be time for a forced break in the Hot Springs. Proactive management is the key to keeping your Pals in top shape.

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