Nioh 2 is a game based upon developing and enhancing those skills which are needed in the gameplay. One of the things to become familiar with this game is using your skill points for leveling up your character. There will come a point in the gameplay when you will need to respec your skills in Nioh 2. This guide will be giving you all the info you need to know for this process.

How to Respec Characters and Their Skills

The very first thing that you must have for this to happen is the Book of Reincarnation. When you put this item to use, it will enable you to respec your character according to your preference. Not only that, but it will also return all your Experience, or Amrita as it is called in Nioh 2, and also any Skill points that you have used while leveling up. But the Book of Reincarnation does not come without its price. You will be required to meet some conditions if you want to possess the precious item.

How to get the Book of Reincarnation

Firstly, you will need to reach out and speak to the Blacksmith. You will come across this person in the second main mission of the game’s story mode. Once you have engaged her in a conversation, you can buy items from her through the world map. One of these items is the Book of Reincarnation, which is available at the cost of 10,000 currency.

For a player who has just started the game, it might be a bit too expensive an item to attain, so you will need to play through several missions till you reach the desired funds. Once you have obtained the Book, it can be used from your inventory to rebuild the stats of your character.

Can multiple Books of Reincarnation be bought?

This is an important question with an answer that has both positive and negative aspects.

To focus on the positive aspect first, the book can be purchased more than once so you get the opportunity to respec your character multiple times too during one gameplay.

Now to come on the bad part, the cost of the item rises each time you purchase and use it. So you will need a whole lot of currency to keep respeccing your character. However, the cost is well worth it as you get to refine your character’s skills and stats according to your liking and can improve it throughout the game.

This marks the end of our Nioh 2 skills respec guide. If you need more help with the game check out our Nioh 2 wiki.

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