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How to Respec Skills and Attributes in New World

Respecing your abilities and skills is an important aspect in New World. You will need to respect your weapons and abilities to rearrange them as you want and resurrect them. This guide explains everything you need to know on how to respec skills in New World.

New World: How to Respec Skills and Stats

You can respec your skills by spending money, and you will have to pay as much money as you will respec your skills.

You will have to pay more if you are intending to respec more of your skills. However, if you do this in the early stages of the game, it would cost you much less than what you will have to pay later on in the game to respec.

You can change every skill in the game and select one of your own. Each skill will cost you a different amount of money in the game. So, we recommend you have enough money depending on how many skills you are going to change and respec.

You can obtain money and gold from completing main story quests and side quests as well. You can also choose to sell the loot and your resources to boost your gold and money income a bit. You can also sell items that you craft to increase your gold income.

This is everything that there is to know about respec skills and abilities in New World. Need more help? See Core Attributes, Outpost Rush, How to Get Linen.

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