During The Bizarre mission in Wasteland 3, you will come across a bunch of locked up Refugees. There is a way to rescue them and in this guide, we will explain how to save the Refugees in Wasteland 3. Of course, you first need to accept The Bizarre main mission, you can read the full walkthrough.

The Bizarre takes you to meet the leader of the Monster Army faction. This faction is a major player in Wasteland 3. During your time in The Bizarre, you will come across some NPCs who need your help. The first step is to get inside The Bizarre and for that, you need someone to vouch for you. The Bizarre has two sections, Interior and Exterior.

The Refugees you want to save are in the Exterior of The Bizarre in Wasteland 3. There is a bridge at the Bizarre that’s controlled by Lewis Stenerud, the leader of the smugglers. This person has placed minions at the bridge to stop you from crossing. No matter what you do there is going to be a fight so don’t waste time on conversations. Attack while you have the element of surprise. Once you win the battle you will get the key to the Refugees shed/cell. There are a number of refugees inside the shed and these are the people you need to save.

How to Save Refugees in Wasteland 3

To save the refugees you need to find someone who can get them out of The Bizarre. The only person who can rescue the refugees is Pareidolia Jones. You can find Pareidolia Jones at the Interior of The Bizarre. Use the main entrance to access the Interior of The Bizarre and speak with Pareidolia Jones. For help with the refugees Pareidolia Jones demands $300. You can use Barter 6, Kiss Ass 7, or the Rubber Ducky quest item to scare make a deal. Keep in mind that if you leave The Bizarre before rescuing the refugees all of them will die. DO NOT go to the World Map until you make a deal with Pareidolia Jones. Afterward, you can go back to Colorado Springs and talk to Gideon Reyes or Mama Cotter.

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