Well, in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, at one point you will have to rescue BowWow from the Tal Tal Heights. The task begins once you complete the first dungeon in Link’s Awakening known as the Tail Cave, and takedown Moldrom Boss.

BowWow is taken to Tal Tal Heights and it is your job to rescue the poor soul.

How to Rescue BowWow From Tal Tal Heights

Speak with multiple villagers in the Mave Villagers to know what happened to BowWow. One of the villagers will tell you the BowWow has been “dognapped” and taken to Tal Tal Heights. Keep in mind that this task must be done to get to the Gonponga Swamp and continue your quest.

Once you have the Roc’s Feather from the Tail Cave the area is open to you. Go north from the Mabe Village to the Mysterious Forest, and use the north-east exit. This is the same area you went towards the Witch’s Hunt to acquire the Magic Power.

When you leave the area you will see some pits surrounding a Heart Piece. Use the Roc’s Feather to grab the Heart Piece and also leap north to reach the Tal Tal Heights.

When you reach the Tal Tal Heights turn right and enter the cave with the big skull outside. In here you will come across a series of Moblin’s.

  • Room #1 – In the first room you only face on Moblin.
  • Room #2 – In the next room you face four Moblin’s with spears so have your shield up to block their attacks.
  • Room #3 – The final room is where you will find a mini Moblin boss.

Defeat the mini-boss and reach the final room to get to BowWow. Take BowWow for a walk and he will eat up enemies along the way.

This marks the end of our Zelda: Link’s Awakening BowWow rescue guide. If you need more help with the game check out Color Dungeon, how to find Sword and Shield, and SeaShells locations.