Fire Emblem Engage has a captivating feature known as Reroll Skirmishes. These skirmishes are randomly generated stages that offer worthwhile rewards within the outworld. If you’re searching for Gold, EXP, SP, and other desirable items from previous gold/silver corrupted enemies or animals that are hard to come by, rerolling Skirmishes is your best bet. Not only will this allow you to gain these rewards, but it will also give you a chance at much more. In this guide, I will demonstrate how to reroll Skirmish and Skirmish Types in Fire Emblem Engage for ultimate success.

How to Reroll Skirmishes in FE Engage

To Reroll Skirmishes in FE Engage, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Step 1: Check the availability of Skirmishes on your overworld map. If they are not accessible, you may have to reroll them for new skirmishes.

Step 2: It’s time to set the System Clock One Day Forward. To make this switch, follow these easy steps:

  • Press the Home Button To access System Settings
  • To locate the Date and Time, navigate to the System Settings section.
  • Now select the appropriate date, forwards or backward, depending on your circumstances.

Step 3: Come back to the Game, and go to another map from where you are playing. This will automatically trigger a Loading Screen, which will take you back to your original map with Skirmishes now ready for action.

Types of Skirmishes in FE Engage

These four types of Skirmishes are available in the Fire Emblem Engage:

  • Normal Skirmish
  • Training Skirmish
  • Gold Corrupted Skirmish
  • Silver Corrupted Skirmish

Normal Skirmish: As the title implies, Normal Skirmish does not feature any special modifications.

Training Skirmish: Upon completing the Training Skirmish, you will be rewarded with Gold and EXP, even if your unit is defeated during the training.

Gold Corrupted Skirmish: Vanquish the Gold Corrupted Skirmish enemies, and you will be handsomely rewarded with a generous amount of gold compared to other skirmishes.

Silver Corrupted Skirmish: The Silver Corrupted Skirmish is almost similar to the other skirmishes. However, you are rewarded with EXP + SP, which makes it distinct.

How to Reroll Skrimishes Video Tutorial

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That’s everything you need to know about rerolling skirmishes in FE Engage. If you need help with other aspects of the game, here are some guides for you:

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