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How To Reroll In Atelier Resleriana (Unlimited Rerolls)

Complete Atelier Resleriana Reroll Guide!


Looking for a way to reroll in Atelier Resleriana to get the best heroes? Well, the best way to reroll in Atelier Resleriana revolves around a few steps you can take. And in my Atelier Resleriana guide, I will give you all the tips I have gathered to get the best results from rerolling.

How To Reroll In Atelier Resleriana

Begin by launching Atelier Resleriana. If it’s your first time, the game will walk you through a tutorial. Complete the tutorial to unlock your free draws. This is your first chance to snag powerful characters. Not thrilled with your lineup? Time to reroll.

Navigate to the game menu and select ‘Data Management’. Here, choose ‘Delete Player Data’ (avoid tapping ‘Delete Account’ to prevent losing access altogether).

After resetting, the game will prompt you about skipping the tutorial in your new run. Opting to skip can save time, allowing you to get straight to the rerolls.

Continue this process until you’re satisfied with your gacha outcomes. Patience is key; the perfect draw could be just a reroll away.

: Initiate rerolls as soon as you can. An early S-tier character can dramatically change your gameplay, giving you a head start in the adventures that lie ahead.

Claim any pre-registration rewards before starting your reroll marathon. These bonuses can offer a significant advantage early on.

Bind Your Account When You Get An S Rank Character

Once you’ve landed an S-tier or higher character, immediately bind your account. This safeguards your progress, ensuring you don’t lose your prized pulls. To bind your account, login to the game and choose your preferred method to link your account. The game gives you multiple login choices, select whichever ones you like. Remember not to link your account until you get an S Rank character you like.

How To Reroll On Emulator

First, choose an emulator like BlueStacks, LDPlayer, or Memu. These are popular choices for their stability and user-friendly interfaces. Install your emulator on a 64-bit system for optimal performance.

Once your emulator is ready, install Atelier Resleriana either directly from the emulator’s app store or by downloading the APK file and using the emulator’s APK Installer.

Launch Atelier Resleriana in the emulator and complete any necessary downloads. Familiarize yourself with the basic game mechanics by playing through the tutorial, which you can choose to skip in subsequent rerolls.

Utilize the emulator’s ‘Manager’ feature to create multiple game clones. This allows you to perform several rerolls at once, significantly speeding up the process. Adjust the number of clones based on your computer’s capabilities.

Start rerolling on each cloned instance. If the desired outcome (like landing a legendary character) isn’t achieved in one instance, delete it and create a new clone from your main instance.

Once you obtain the characters you’re aiming for in one of the instances, make that your primary account. Proceed with your game on this account, now equipped with a strong starting lineup.

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