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How To Reroll And Change Dungeon Bosses In Palworld


In Palworld, rerolling dungeon bosses is an effective strategy for players aiming to capture rare Alpha Pals, enhance their Paldeck collection, or simply find a more favorable matchup for battles. Alpha pals offer rare loot, gold, and XP but if you want to farm a certain boss, it is best to reroll the dungeon in Palworld you are in, in case the required boss doesn’t spawn.

How To Reroll Dungeon Bosses In Palworld

The first step in rerolling a dungeon boss involves locating the boss room, typically identifiable by unique environmental cues, such as a corridor filled with water leading to the boss chamber. Once at the entrance, players should take a moment to observe the boss, checking for its name and health bar to appear.

If the Alpha Pal boss doesn’t align with the player’s objectives, they should retreat to the previous room. This action triggers the despawning of the current boss, setting the stage for a new one to spawn.

Upon returning to the boss room, players will encounter a different Alpha Pal. If this new boss is still not the desired one, the process can be repeated until a satisfactory Alpha Pal appears.

It’s important to note that the specific Alpha Pals available in a dungeon are influenced by factors such as the dungeon’s biome and level. For instance, the Astral Mountains biome might offer a different set of Pals compared to Mount Obsidian, known for its Fire-type Pals.

Note: If you plan to catch some of the bosses you encounter, you need to craft Hyper or Ultra Spheres.

Why Reroll Dungeons

Rerolling dungeon bosses serves several strategic purposes. It’s not only a method for acquiring rare or specific Alpha Pals but also for completing the Paldeck collection. Moreover, this technique can be used to capture regular versions of Pals, which are useful for Pal Distillation—a process that strengthens Pals. Capturing these regular Pals also grants players bonus EXP, with the first 10 captures being particularly rewarding.

Palworld Dungeon Locations

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