Cars in Need for Speed Heat aren’t indestructible. Everything has a limit and so does the cars. But their durability isn’t that low meaning that a few crashes and bumps won’t make the car immovable. But obviously, if you are driving like a maniac and crashing into every living or non-living thing you lay your eyes on then we might have a problem. This guide will include all the details on how to repair your car in Need for Speed Heat and how does a person know that the car’s time has come.


How to Repair Car in Need for Speed Heat

Car in Need for Speed Heat can take damage over time. Things, like driving over people and numbing into poles, don’t matter much and will give your car a scratch or two.

The main thing that can damage your car to a very high extent is building and nature itself. Crashing into a building at full speed in a race can be highly devastating for your car.

Crashing into other cars doesn’t do much but avoid making it your life goal. The game has an indicator on the bottom of your screen telling you the condition of your car.


If it is white, then you don’t have to worry as the car is in good condition. Crash into inanimate objects often and the indicator will start going red. If the indicator maxes out, you will be directly teleported to the garage.

Here, your car will be fixed but this can be bad if you were in the second lap of a race, etc. If you are roaming around the world of NFS Heat and your car has taken good amount of damage you can go to the garage and get it fixed.

That is one way the other way is more convenient. It requires you to pass through the gas station and when you get out of it your car will be fixed.

The good thing about this method is that you can do this in races as well. If you are going at full speed and don’t want to waste much time repairing your car but you have to simply head through the gas station and voila your car is brand new.


During the day you can use the gas station for repairs pretty much infinitely but during the night you can go through gas stations a total of 3 times so don’t be reckless.

After every day the counter resets and you have three new nighttime gas stations entries available.

This is how you can repair your car in NFS Heat. For more help on Need for Speed Heat, check out our Errors & Fixes Guide, Money Farming Guide, and REP Farming Guide.