Having to have your weapons polished and ready for the battle at a moment’s disposal. This is because weapons are the most important items in a game, as the game relies heavily on weapons. So, to keep your weapons durable and increase their lifetime, you will need to repair them in Dying Light 2. This is how you can repair your weapons in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2: How to Repair Weapons

It is almost the death of a player when they get stuck in between the hordes of zombies with no weapon in hand or the weapon gets broken. You can repair and make your weapons last longer, and make them more durable. This is not a default operation in the game, instead, you will have to progress a little in the game before you can repair weapons.

After you have repaired a weapon and its lifetime ends, you can sell it or just throw it away and pick up new ones. You will always need a brief arsenal of weapons when you go out there. However, you should not push your luck and just feel grateful for whatever you have.

Finally, weapons that you own, you can repair by using mods. This includes you installing mods on your weapons which is going to automatically repair them. There are multiple mod installation slots on a weapon. Usually, there are three slots for each weapon, which adds up to a total of 150 durabilities with 50 durabilities for each mod installed.

The repairing of your weapon would only delay the inevitable for some time only. Eventually, your weapon is going to get broken, and you will have to replace it with other weapons. You should also check for Reinforcement mod, this makes the weapon usable for a longer period of time. You can upgrade this grip and it would make your weapon 100 percent less susceptible to breaking.

This is everything that we have on how you can repair your weapons and make them more durable in Dying Light 2. If you need more help, see How to Fast Travel, Unlocking Paraglider, Best Skills.

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