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How To Repair Tools, Weapons, And Gear In Palworld


Efficient gear maintenance in Palworld starts with unlocking the Repair Bench. Once you hit level 2, a new opportunity unfolds – you can spend your hard-earned Technology Points to access the Repair Bench design.

Gathering the materials for your Repair Bench is straightforward: you need 10x pieces of wood and 10x stones. These are basic resources you can easily accumulate in your travels. Once you have them, pick a spot in the vicinity of your secure home base to set up your bench. It’s a strategic move to place it where you frequently pass, making gear maintenance a convenient part of your routine.

How To Repair Broken Weapons, Tools, And Equipment

With your Repair Bench ready, repairing your gear becomes a breeze. Approach the bench and interact with it to reveal a list of all the items in your inventory that need repairing and fixing. Alongside each item, you’ll see the materials required for repair. It’s a seamless process: select the item, provide the materials, and voila – your equipment is as good as new!

This user-friendly interface makes it easy to keep track of your gear’s condition and the resources you need. It takes the guesswork out of maintenance, letting you focus more on exploring and less on inventory management.

repair bench crafting recipe in Palworld.

Benefits of Repairing vs. Crafting New Gear

Opting to repair your gear at the Repair Bench has distinct advantages over crafting new items. Firstly, it’s a resource-efficient method. Take the Cloth Outfit as an example: crafting it anew requires 2 cloths, but repairing it when it’s near breaking point only takes 1 cloth. This halving of resource expenditure is significant, especially when resources are scarce.

Additionally, repairing is faster than crafting from scratch.

Make it a habit to check and repair your gear regularly. Whenever you’re near your home base, take a moment to rejuvenate your arsenal. This routine ensures that you’re never caught off-guard with damaged equipment during critical moments. Remember, a well-maintained weapon or tool is a reliable companion in the unpredictable world of Palworld.

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