Regardless of how eye-catching the new art style of NFS Unbound is, the cel-shaded anime-style driving effect is a tad bit annoying for specific players. However, do not worry because this guide will show you how to turn this driving effect off so that you no longer have to strain your eyes while driving in Need For Speed Unbound.

How To Turn Off Cell-Shaded Driving Effects in NFS Unbound

Just a heads up, you need to know that there is no chance you’ll be able to get rid of the driving effects in NFS Unbound completely because they’re permanent. However, you can certainly tone the driving effects in Need For Speed Unbound down to a point where they’ll be almost invisible, especially the cartoonish tint to it will be gone for good.

Still, keep in mind that, as the developers announced, the Tail Smoke and Trail Lights cannot be disabled at all. So, do not get your hopes up that high. To tone down the cartoonish effect in the driving effects in NFS Unbound, you’ll first have to head to Rides to change your Tags (another name for driving effects).

Then go over to the Styles menu and select the Tags tab. Click and settle for any Tag that suits your taste. We recommend the Cloaked Tag, as it will give you the best result in getting rid of the cartoonish effect. When you’ve selected it, and while you’re playing the game, you’ll notice that the gray smoke will seem lit more realistic and bearable than the other cartoonish driving effects in the game.

We hope the above guide was helpful to you in toning down the driving effects in NFS Unbound. For more on the game, see How To Unlock Safehouses and How To Make Money Fast.

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