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How to Reduce Loathing Levels In Darkest Dungeon 2 (Easy Way)


Loathing in Darkest Dungeon 2 is an important mechanic that impacts gameplay. It is represented by a loathing meter in the right corner, showing the world’s corruption. Loathing levels can change due to various factors explained in this guide.

Higher loathing levels have negative effects on your heroes. They may flee battles out of fear, putting you at a disadvantage. Enemies also gain advantages with increased loathing. It is important to reduce the loathing level to succeed.

What Is Loathing?

In Darkest Dungeon 2, “Loathing” is a mechanic that represents the psychological stress and emotional strain experienced by your heroes as they venture through the harrowing and perilous environments of the game. Here’s some information about Loathing in Darkest Dungeon 2:

Loathing and Stress

Stress is a big deal in Darkest Dungeon 2, just like in the first game. Heroes get stressed out when they face tough challenges and scary stuff. If their stress gets too high, it causes problems and makes them less effective..


When a hero gets really stressed, they can develop problems like being overly paranoid, irrational, or selfish. These issues make the hero act strangely and perform poorly, which can hurt your whole party’s energy.

Loathing Meter

The Loathing meter is a visual representation of your heroes’ overall stress levels and emotional state. It reflects the collective stress of your party. As stress accumulates, the meter fills up, indicating a greater risk of afflictions and negative effects.

Managing Stress

To prevent your heroes from succumbing to afflictions, it’s important to manage their stress levels. This can be done through various means, such as using camping skills, interacting with curios, selecting appropriate camping activities, or employing certain hero abilities that reduce stress.

The Impact of Loathing

The heroes’ Loathing levels can affect their behavior during combat and quest. High levels of Loathing may lead to increased chances of negative interactions, heightened stress collection, and potentially more severe discomforts.

Mitigating Loathing

While it’s challenging to completely end stress and Loathing, careful party arrangement, handlinglight levels, utilizing stress-relieving camping skills, and making strategic choices can help mitigate the impact of stress on your heroes.

Balancing Act

Balancing the risk of accumulating stress and managing the Loathing meter becomes crucial in Darkest Dungeon 2. It requires making strategic decisions and finding ways to alleviate stress while progressing through the game’s treacherous environments.

What Are Loathing Levels in Darkest Dungeon 2

There are a total of four levels of loathing that you need to keep an eye on.

Level Loathing Loathing Effects
Level Loathing Loathing Effects
0The Loathing AbatesNo Effect
+1The Loathing Whispers+20% Torch Drain
+20% Battle disadvantage
+2The Loathing Festers+40% Torch Drain.
+25% Battle disadvantage
+3The Loathing Howls+80% Torch Drain.
+33% Battle disadvantage
+4The Loathing ConsumesThe Mountain Shudders
Loathing levels in Darkest Dungeons 2
Loathing meter in darkest dungeos 2

The Mountain Shudders: When you reach maximum loathing, attacks on heroes will be more powerful relying on the Confessional act that makes the boss stronger. Here is how confessional acts affect the hero’s debuff.

Confession Act

  • 1st Confession: Denial
  • 2nd Confession: Resentment
  • 3rd Confession: Obsession
  • 4th Confession: Ambition
  • Fifth Confession: Cowardice

Hero Debuffs

  • Cause +2 stress
  • Negative Relationship +1
  • Random Neative quirk +1
  • Armor -1, Wheel -1
  • Resolute Chance -25%

How Loathing Level is increased in the darkest dungeon 2

There are a number of factors that increases loathing level in Darkest Dungeons 2 (DD2). That are listed below:

  • Oblivion’s Tear: In Darkest Dungeon 2, there are specific corrupted areas that can increase your loathing by +1. One example of such an area is the Oblivion Tears. On the map, these areas are shown by blue-colored flames. When you encounter these areas and interact with them, your loathing level will be up by one point. It is important to be cautious when going through these corrupted zones as they add to the overall corruption and challenges you will face in the game.
  • Encountering Cultists
  • Some quests can also affect your loathing.

How to decrease loathing level in darkest dungeon 2 (DD2)

To reduce loathing in Darkest Dungeons you need to win fights at certain locations to keep a check on your loathing. Choose resist, lair, or Oblivion’s Ingress.

Locations to reduce Loathing

  • Resistance Encounters
  • Cultist Encounters
  • Creature Dens
  • The Lair

All the battles won at these locations will increase your loathing by one.

Note: Road Battles Dont count

Other than that you can also do the following to reduce loathing

  • Go to Sanitarium to reduce loathing
  • UtilizeBook Of Virtues (Once a day)
  • Choose heroes wisely. Heroes having “Faithful” and “Hopeful” quirks are corrupted easily

This is all you need need to know about, How you can reduce/decrease loathing in Darkest Dungeons 2. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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