How to Redeem Deluxe and Pre-Order Bonus in Doom Eternal

DOOM Eternal pre order bonus

One of the many awesome things about Doom Eternal is the franchise is giving away exclusive pre-order bonus rewards with the Deluxe Edition, upon the purchase of the game’s special edition or a preorder. These rewards range from the Classic Shotgun, Classic Gun Sound Pack and Demonic Slayer Skins to DOOT Revenant among various others. With our guide, you will be acquiring all these exciting bonus items in no time.

You will not require to put any extra effort to obtain the DOOM Eternal pre-order and special edition bonus. Just boot up the game as soon as you have it and all the items that you are supposed to get will appear before you. If you wish to use the bonus cosmetics such as the ones mentioned above, you will firstly need to go into the Customize menu which is accessible from the main menu. You will find that there are sections there marked by exclamation points. That indicates that something is unlocked in that particular section. You just need to find and apply the customization of your choice.

Now the Classic Gun Sound Pack that comes with Doom Eternal’s Deluxe Edition is slightly different to apply. Access Settings from the main menu and find the Audio Tab. Scroll down till you can see the Classic Gun Sound Pack and activate it. It is one of the most super-cool bonus items in the game.

Here we will also give you a brief list of the items that you can get as rewards for preordering and with the Deluxe Edition.

Preorder Rewards

  • Throwback Shotgun Skin
  • Doot Revenant Skin
  • Cultist Base Master Level

Deluxe Edition Rewards

  • Demonic Slayer skin
  • Classic Gun Sound Pack

Also, you will receive the Arc Complex Remix Master Level, if you log in the game during the launching month.

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