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Fire Emblem Engage Unit Recruitment Guide — How to Recruit Units


Recruitment in Fire Emblem is adding more units to your house. First, you have to choose your house, and the characters unlocked by you are automatically added to your house. You can recruit more characters by impressing them with your knowledge and abilities, like stat and skill ranks. Suppose you increase the number of recruitments (Playable Characters). In that case, you can use them in different battles by engaging their skills and abilities.

Units have pros and cons, so it is better to use all characters you have recruited instead of just focusing on your favorite characters. You can recruit faculty members once you have reached the highest level.

In the Paralogues side missions, you must speak to some characters to unlock them. Still, you can also lose these characters by not saving them during the mission. As the story progresses, you will be able to recruit more characters. These are the units that you recruit in your house throughout the story:

Chapters Recruitable Units
Prologue: The Emblem Alear (Male) / Alear (Female)
Chapter 1: Awake at Last Vander
Chapter 2: Queen Lumera Clanne / Framme
Chapter 3: Hostilities Alfred / Boucheron / Etie
Chapter 4: A Land in Bloom Celine / Chloe / Louis
Chapter 6: The Stolen Ring Yunaka
Chapter 7: Dark Emblem Alcryst / Lapis / Citrinne
Chapter 8: The Kingdom of Might Diamant / Amber
Chapter 9: A Clash of Forces Jade
Chapter 11: Retreat Ivy / Zelkov / Kagetsu
Chapter 12: The Sentinels Panreo / Bunet
Chapter 13: Heroes of the Oasis Timerra / Merrin / Panette
Chapter 14: The Battle of Solm Hortensia
Chapter 15: Dancer in the Ruins Seadall
Chapter 16: Seashore Travels Rosado / Goldmary

Black Eagles

Character Stats Skills
Bernadetta Strength Bow
Casper Strength Brawl
Dorothea Charm Authority
Ferdinand Dexterity Heavy Armor
Petra Dexterity Riding
Linhardt Magic Reason

Blue Lions

Character Stats Skills
Felix  Speed Sword
Ashe Charm Lance
Sylvain Charm Reason
Ingrid Dexterity Flying
Annette Magic Faith
Mercedes Magic Bow

Golden Deer

Character Stats Skills
Leonie Strength Lance
Raphael Strength Heavy Armor
Hilda Charm Axe
Lorenz Charm Reason
Lysithea Magic Faith
Marianne Magic Riding

Most students demand that you have at least a rank C in the Skill, which ranges from 15 to 20 Points in the desired stat. Some students will demand rank B in the Skill. You cannot recruit opposing house leaders, and even those characters who serve as their retainers cannot join the Black Eagles. As you teach your students, you cannot increase your skill levels. But it does not mean that you do nothing.

You have to participate in battles to level up to get good stats. If you want to boost your skills, start investing in Faculty Training when exploring the Monastery. You need to be careful when choosing which skills to invest in because you don’t have much time to increase them or make a character uber, which will prove useless afterward.

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