Sarah Morgan is not just any companion in Starfield; she’s a pivotal crew member aboard your ship. With a rich background as an ex-soldier turned adventurer, she now stands as the leader of the Constellation faction. However, the question of whether she’s a romance option remains a mystery.


Steps to Recruit Sarah Morgan

  1. Complete “The Old Neighborhood” Quest: The key to recruiting Sarah lies in completing the quest named “The Old Neighborhood.” Once you’ve successfully navigated through this quest, Sarah Morgan becomes available for recruitment. You then have the flexibility to either assign her as your active companion or delegate her to specific roles on your ship or outpost.

Skills Sarah Morgan Brings to the Table Sarah Morgan is not just a leader by title; she possesses a set of skills that can be invaluable to players:

  • Astrodynamics: Expertise in this field, indicated by a four-star rating.
  • Lasers: Proficient with a three-star rating.
  • Leadership: Adept with a two-star rating.
  • Botany: Basic knowledge with a one-star rating.

Romancing Sarah Morgan

For players looking to explore a deeper connection with Sarah, there’s potential for romance. To progress in this direction:

  1. Engage in actions and decisions that align with her interests and values. Doing commendable deeds will unlock the “In Memoriam” quest.
  2. Upon reaching the end of the “In Memoriam” quest, players have the option to initiate a romantic relationship with Sarah. This involves choosing empathetic dialogue options that resonate with her emotions.
  3. If players wish to take the relationship a step further, frequent interactions and travels with Sarah can lead to the “Commitment: Sarah” quest. Successfully completing this quest results in marriage.
  4. However, like all relationships, players have the choice to end things with Sarah at any given point during their journey together.

Sarah’s Likes and Dislikes

Building a rapport with Sarah requires understanding her likes and dislikes:

  • Likes: Sarah appreciates when players treat other characters with fairness. This includes making quest-related choices that avoid unnecessary violence.
  • Dislikes: Injuring civilians is a sure way to get on her bad side. Moreover, taking the life of a civilian is a deal-breaker, leading her to abandon the player.